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    Are they lucky in love and life like their male counterparts? Which Zodiac sign men loves them?

    didnt know that male sags are lucky in that part lol

    sag men I know either havent settled down yet or married several times

    I thought I was the only one that thought this too, lol.

    Most of the time - I haven't seen Sag males being all that lucky in dating/relationships. Most of them are like wannabe Gemini's - they try way too hard to seem intelligent and be something they're not (no offense to any Sags on here...just what I've witnessed irl)

    Gem's I can respect for their intelligence, wit, and natural flow/confidence. Would I date one again? Never. But Sag men...most of them need a lot of work. I feel like Leo and Aries men outshine them in all areas.

    Why not Geminis? .. they are attractive

    Gem's are attractive - I agree. When I said Sags are Gem wannabes - I meant that Sags try to be like Gem's but fail to be as authentic, intelligent as they are.

    oh I thought you said you'd never date a Gemini?
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    Yes that too - I've dated too many of them to say things would work out. I mean, I love Gems as friends. But relationship wise - they were always too flighty and had no boundaries.

    I mean I can definitely say opposites attract (Scorpio - Gem), but not good for long term.