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    Joined dxpnet on April 05, 2021.
    Posted by ozzzy
    Lol, I know one annoying Pisces woman, she's too narcissistic, uploading daily many pics of only her while doing yoga, and she seems cookiemonstery, as if she's a feminist, yet is divorced, and with a kid, plus over 40, but consider herself way above others, as she is the prize, lol. Once she uploaded some pic stating how you must be something exceptional for her to consider changing her happy single status, her pic screams desperation, haha. She even uploaded a pic in which she openly states how narcissistic she is. Yeah, she is shy like most Pisces women but also appears slutty and sensual because she also has many nude artistic pics of her. I know some other ones too, and yeah, they all seem feminine and want to please their man in every way possible, and are very submissive, mostly into BDSM. They can be either feeling too high or too low, aka down. When we were in our teen years, some Pisces girl who remembered me from before, was glad to see me online and suggested a coffee date. After 15 years, she became a bit chubby and is with a kid, so no thanks, lol.

    Thanks thats my kinda stories.
    I also knew one pisces in j high school and she had harsh eyes she never smiled and was always talking behind people's back. We were best friends when we were kids but later we were so different she was very judgmental always criticizing everyone as if she was perfect. She was very pretty but also chubby and felt self conscious about her weight but she would never laugh about her weight yet she would pick everybody's flow apart and laugh about it in front of everyone. Once she told me I would never get a man with 'that hair'cause my hair wasn't straight. Jokes on her cause I dated the guy she was into after that.
    So yeah I have a negative idea of pivsess women. Dont like their face is usually cookiemonster resting face.
    I like positive fun people who dont need to put others down to feel good.