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    Posted by Wizardz
    Yes he likes you
    Lol this is so funny reading this as a Gem male
    First of all you are the right age for him at 30. That's a huge plus for us
    A friend told him "you're quiet" and he said "that's ok I'll make her talk" - then you describe the convo you had where he just responded to your questions in detail and then stared waiting for you to ask the next question - aka "making you talk" 😁 did you not connect the two?

    Anyway, yes he is into you but if you're expecting him to come and sweep you off your feet with romantic gestures "taking action" then you're probably going to be disappointed. He will feel you out, befriend you, test you, play with you lol Good Luck

    People talk about equality of the sexes but with a Gem you get genuine equality like he prob doesn't see it as his role to take action. He is just as likely to wait for you to ask him out.. so don't be waiting for him to make a move, Geminis don't think that way. He might but he might not - the point is he won't feel it's up to him to make something happen between you.. idk if that explains it

    No I actually did not connect the two lol that's an interesting point. I don't expect him to sweep me off my feet but I guess just something slightly more than only talking to me when he just so happens to see me. The way he is right now is almost like he is just flirting out of convenience. I don't know if that makes sense. Maybe he is interested but not enough to do anything more straightforward.