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    Joined dxpnet on April 27, 2021.
    Posted by HippeeGem
    I'm not sure if Gem males are the same way, but I think part of the reason people think we're hot and cold is we are quieter around people we're actually interested in, in the early stages, even though we can be really talkative and bubbly in social situations.

    I feel like he's interested in you, and just making sure the feeling is mutual. Once he knows, he'll probably open up more.

    I always heard Gems are very talkative around people they like and try to get to know them by asking a million questions. But maybe he is testing the waters now. Seeing him every few months probably does not help though because we don't have a lot of chances to talk. I think what makes it worse is that each time we talk, we are in a room full of people who think we should get together - both his friends/family and my friends/family have talked amongst themselves about it. That added pressure probably doesn't help.