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    The Laughing Heart
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    It's not that it doesn't still exist. It's because the solution literally is to make it not exist.

    What is white privilege exactly? Has any actually looked deep into it? Why it still exist even though racism is no longer socially acceptable?
    I have.

    White privilege still exist for 2 reasons.
    1. Some people are still racist and they act on it.(very small minority)
    2. People still believe it's still prevalent and also act accordingly.( large percentage)

    There are a lot of us who no longer encounter real racism(which white privilege is). So when people tell these stories they can relate and have also suffered the same way or similarly without the racial spin. After all suffering, misfortune, and injustice doesn't care what where your from or the color of your skin. It's Universal.

    You have to remember "White privilege" is not a physical thing. It's conceptual. A abstract social dynamic that can not exist unless people make it so by either being the perpetrator or the victim OR believing they are the victim. Vast majority of laws that reenforced racism in America are gone. The remaining racist people that perpetrated racism in society are literally dieing out. My kids have no idea what "race" or racism is. At this point it's just a physical description of a person to them.

    I am absolutely not dismissing history nor down playing it. I love history. I have read about horrors and atrocities that would make the hardest of hearts turn away in shame and a normal person cry and loose all hope in humanity. Those things are in the past though. It's up to everyone to learn from the past so we don't make the same mistakes our predecessors made.

    So a large part of what's left of " white privilege" and racism, why it still exist, is because people still believe race matters. Belief is a powerful thing. Let me give you a example of the power of belief. Slavery.

    At one point in the south, slaves out numbered the general population 2 to 1 and some areas 10 to 1.
    Logically if enough slaves decided they were not going to be slaves anymore they could easily win. A revolt or revolution so to speak. Not even the state's army could stop them.
    So how did they keep them in check? Fear, intimidation, and by making the slaves believe they had no chance and in fact they were inferior to whites.
    That is the power of belief.

    Ever read or watched the kids movie the Gruffalo?
    It's about a giant beast being tricked into being scared of a mouse by the mouse. There is even a sequel to the book called the Gruffalo's Child. In the sequal the Gruffalo teaches the child to be scared of the mouse but the child doesn't believe his parents and goes looking for the mouse. So the mouse has to intimidate and convince the child as well.
    That is the true power of belief. It can make inmaterial things a reality simply by acting if it were true. It makes it true.

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