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    Joined dxpnet on April 14, 2021.
    Sagittarius man.. Leo women ..

    We have been dating for a couple months .. our relationship has not been easy but I really do value him. I’ve basically broken his trust by breaking up with and going to into flight mode when I get scared .. it’s a childhood trauma thing for me

    He has told me we can get back together and originally said we were completely done ..

    Since then we have still messaged ..
    “ This situation is hard because it may have been a different story if we were together but there's a lot of work for that to happen”

    “ I just wish you could have realised are worked towards that with me, but it's all good now it's made us work on ourself and that's okay too”

    I’m going to continue to work on myself to be the best person for my self and future partner ..I just hope I he give me a chance to prove it

    Do sag men usually hold a grudge ?