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    Posted by DopeFly
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    There's also rich privilege, which I believe most white people get confused with, if you're rich you're powerful, I mean look at Oprah, she a black woman but she's rich, is she less privileged than a poor white male? I don't think so.
    Let's also take for example Eminem, he grew up poor and fought really hard to be a rapper in a domain which was monopolized by black people, do you think he would have made it without Dre? I don't think so.
    My point is there's rich privilege and there's also power privilege, who ever is strong enough, hard working enough is the privileged regardless the obstacles they face in life.

    Oprah is few of her kind, a black woman that grew up poor and made it and became successful on her own in spite of being black and a woman in her time.

    A white man that is successful and wealthy is among MANY of his kind, unlike Oprah, who is one in a billion, or as I worded it before, few of her kind.

    The up-and-coming Oprahs will have to work several times harder and be thousands of times more perfect, charming and virtuous than her male, or white male counterpart; who will have a much easier time relating to the Old Boys Club, in other words, fitting in with those already IN power and gaining their acceptance more readily than a woman, much less a black woman, would.

    Is it men's fault that they have that advantage, and others may not? No, because they didn't choose to be born who they are. It's not their fault on an individual basis, whatsoever. However, as a power structure, it IS their fault for keeping others(women, othered demographics)out for so long, and in turn, only helping themselves and their own kind, get ahead.

    Oprah is a good example of somebody that defied the odds, but, the odds still exist!

    So what's you're talking about has nothing to do with white privilege but rather about sexism and racism, much more of many difficulties people face in their lives, not only white people are racist, anyone can be.
    The odds can vary for everybody, a white handicap person is less privileged than a black person, a younger person is more privileged than an older one ... There are many differences and many privileges people have you can't just consider that as a race thing, a white man from the states will be less privileged to live in my country because of many reasons, unless he's rich ofc but still.
    You can't just assume white people can have anything they want because of their skin color, it's really a narrow-minded thinking, many white people are excluded when it comes to getting free scholarships because they "haven't suffered enough" as people of color.
    I really think white privilege is just another term to make people of color less productive and have the victim mentality. But that's just my opinion.

    You're cherry-picking, splitting hairs and looking for convenient exceptions to the rule, so you can continue to be obtuse.

    White privilege goes hand-in-hand with racism and in turn, male privilege is the direct byproduct of sexism. Could you really be so stupid that you didn't figure any of that out on your own?

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    I know when people can't argue, they start insulting,
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