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    Joined dxpnet on November 05, 2015.
    Posted by DMV
    I’ve had a Aries Venus, Taurus Sun

    I never have his ass a compliment. When he said he didn’t want commitment but still wanted all the benefits. I agreed. Here’s what he got from moi

    I never kissed him on the mouth. He would ask and I would deny.

    He wasn’t allowed to sleep over.

    Barely looked him in the eye

    The only time I touched him was during sex and I only touched his penis and his forehead when he gave head.

    I never told him how good he was in bed

    I always made it seem like I was in two minds. It didn’t matter.

    He would blow up on me because I wouldn’t be direct and fall at his feet worshipping him. He would storm out of my house slamming doors and I wasn’t chasing after him

    I’d ignore him if I saw him out in public.

    Since he wanted to be just a penis. That’s what he became.

    He still tries to contact me years later. I never answer. But I’d be sure he saw me active online tho.

    That’s what he got from me.

    Well, he got what he asked for. And I guess the more you did this, the more he was running after you