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    As someone who has dated a Taurus sun/Aries Venus, it’s actually kind of a good thing that you are a challenge to him though. Keeps him on his toes. I think if he wants to be with you though he will leave no room for doubt. The Taurus/Aries that I briefly dated joked about going down to the courthouse to get married. Lol Taurus are kind of slow, but that Aries Venus shows up and accelerates things. They become very possessive and very direct about wanting a relationship. So if he hasn’t mentioned it yet, he may not be there yet but just wanting his ego stroked.

    I am trying to be less of a challenge by sharing my feelings more since he complained. I now tell him that I have been thinking about him all day or that Id like to hug him etc. I can feel that he likes that reassurance. As for the relationship talk, I do think it is a little bit early for us to be talking about that. The only thing is that he said that he does not want one but acts otherwise. Do you you know if it's common for them?
    Also, I would like to see him more, and I have been mentioning that a lot the past few days, he always states that he wants to see me too. His work schedule prevent that tho, plus I guess I am not yet a priority for him to make more efforts . The fact that I am repeating myself tho makes me feel that iam nagging him which could make him run away from me. do you have any suggestions on how I could act in that situation?

    Stop repeating yourself.

    He’s not a toddler. He heard you and he just didn’t care enough to act.

    Make room for someone who makes you a priority.

    Is he hedonistic ?

    Has he asked you about going further sexually?
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    I dont know if being an hesonist only applies to sex, but he has never asked for more, actually he is quite a respectful dude, plus he does not drink, has never smoked a blunt or a cigarette. His big thing is travelling, he loves that, and if he could, he would go on a world tour.