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    Joined dxpnet on November 05, 2015.
    Posted by pisceanloves
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    Posted by pisceanloves
    Good lord lady, you are way too cheesy.
    "Do you think about me, do you dream about me, do you want to see me"
    OKAY ????

    What kind of desperation is that?

    Maybe I should have written the entire conversations for you to have the entire context and for you to avoid passing judgement...

    Anyway if I am cheesy and / or desperate, then be it

    Yeah idk.. If I had a man asking me those kind of questions that would turn me off instantly.
    Anything that is genuine won't need to be discussed - It will be rather obvious.. If you have to ask either it's not there or you are abnormally insecure. Good night
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    Who knows...
    Good morning to you too, and thank you for your insight