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    Joined dxpnet on May 03, 2021.
    What the hell?! Hi Scorpio friends out there please enlighten me because this makes no damn sense!

    My ex and I are both ScorpioS and we broke up 2yrs ago. He contacted me October2020 to catch up. He apologized for the problems we had during relationship and asked to get back together. At that time I was dating but was not exclusive or sleeping with anyone. I was hesitant because of our past issues but I told him that I was open to exploring a relationship as long as we could take things slow and work out issues. He flipped out on me for suggesting we take it slow, and thought I wanted to see other guys. That was not the case...It would have been exclusive but I wanted to take it slow reconnecting because we had been broken up 2yrs! Anyway, he objected and said he was only interested in having a full-committed relationship with me. I walked away so hurt because I still had feelings for him but this was reminiscent of our past drama.

    Fast forward to present, we run into each other and chatted. During our conversation, to my shock, he told me that he was in an open relationship (nothing against it)! Then proceeds to ask me about my relationship status. I thought to myself, What The Hell?! ScorpioS please enlighten me. Why do you think he flipped out on me and pushed so hard for a committed relationship with me, just to turn around and get into an open relationship. Such a contradiction!

    Thanks for reading,
    Sending you all love and good health!