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    Well, who cares if they will be offended or not. You are just telling the truth, that is what most guys prefer, instead of getting some lame excuses, because I can see through that BS, and personally, that would irritate me way more cause girls/women almost always like to sugarcoat things. Just tell the damn truth if you don't want to lie. Even those with big egos will appreciate it least after some time. Big Grin You could say that you created an account out of boredom, or you are there just for texting, etc. Or, if they start texting you, always reply in a short and disinterested way, without engaging in a conversation, and most dudes will get the picture.

    Thank you! And that is what I have been doing.. replying in a short disinterested way. Like not asking questions or trying make conversation. It's not deterring them!!!! Some of them I straight up just stop replying if they don't say anything that requires a reply and they always try to start it up again. I can't even successfully ghost people, they still try to make convo when I ghost them. I fkn suck at this! Lol
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    I understand. It's not your fault. Some dudes are just clueless, rude and stupid, lol. I see that often in bars and pubs, dudes would persist even when a girl/woman is clearly irritated by them and even ask them to leave. They will try to convince you how awesome they are, not realizing that it is not about convincing when it comes to attraction. So many dudes are clueless when it comes to seducing. In that case, always be harsh when needed.