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    *While walking around my 3rd grade class surveying the kids work this morning*

    Me: (looking at a student out of his seat...and then noticing his outfit) 🤨

    Student 1: What??

    Me: I see you think you can move in on my fly sweater game...while standing....unacceptable!

    Student1,2,3: *starts giggling*

    Me: *Turning to address entire class* Class!

    Class: Yes Mr. Ix!!!

    Me: Let it be know there is only ONE designated sweater model in this class...annnnd it's Me."

    Class: *Giggling wildly* Yesss Mr. Ixxxx

    Me:*to the student*....the audacity of kids these days...I'll be keeping my eye on you... resume your work please and thank you!