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    Posted by bawlikestogomoo
    Posted by Ixi
    It's interesting...while I don't have a restriction on dating white women wholesale, I generally don't as I don't want to have to work overtime to translate my experience.

    I find it's usually too much work on a day to day to get them to understand things like how race affects me and nearly all of my loved ones. Its not that that work can't be done...but I haven't met any white person who I am so enamored by that I feel that is a worthy cause for a labor of love. While I have and continue to work with some fantastic white folx in the movement those people (and their backgrounds) are not representative of the majority of white people.

    If I do put in any of that work its also having to be on guard for unconscious biases, microagressions , outright racism, or gaslighting regarding issues of race.

    This. Gone out with over a hundred white girls and ended up marrying the first yellow I dated.

    On a side note, pretty sure if I dated ixy first, I'd put a ring on his BBC.
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    Lol 😆 you say the sweetest things