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    As a Scorp myself - I've always found that Scorp women and I tend to get each other almost right away. It's the strangest thing - but it's like we understand the depth of each other, and are willing to cut through the small talk and talk about meaningful things. With Scorpio men though - it's a whole different ballpark. I've only met one Scorpio guy who I could say I truly had respect and love for...he reciprocated the respect, but not the love (and it cut pretty deep). I'm usually very cautious around them, but don't meet a whole lot of them.

    I can honestly say...the reason Scorpios can give good advice...or can be there for you when you're feeling your BECAUSE we've experienced worse. We know what it's like to be in similar situations and not have anyone there to guide us through it or be there for us.

    I can't speak for all Scorpios, but the vast majority I know are strong because of all of the things they have endured on their own, but take what they've learned and want to help others, not hurt them.

    Why don't they ask for help ? Scorps love helping people on here but you rarely see one making their own thread
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    That's a great question. I've often never really understood it myself...but I have always felt to some degree, that I never wanted to burden anyone with my problems. Or that my friends and family wouldn't understand or empathize with whatever I was going through. As a teen, I was surrounded by a family of mostly fire and air signs who would constantly argue, criticize, shame, or put me down. A part of me never felt comfortable sharing my experiences with them. The only friends I felt comfortable sharing my thoughts with would be Aries and Pisces females, strangely enough. And the one Scorp guy I mentioned at the time was also there for me.

    Now I realize that as I'm maturing, I never want anyone to feel the way I felt...and when someone is hurting or comes to me for advice or support, I never turn them away and try to be as open as I can to support them. It simply just goes back to understanding my pain, heartbreak...and remembering those emotions. And then putting myself in the other person's shoes, so they don't go through the same things I did.

    People give Scorps a bad wrap...but I think that's just because those people don't take the time to understand our motivations...or simply had bad experiences with us. If we care we nurture, support, and love (mature Scorpios will do this obvi, not the immature ones). Doesn't matter who it is. In relationships...our care towards our partner is even greater. I will give everything to a relationship I think is worthy of my time and attention.