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    Joined dxpnet on June 01, 2021.
    I’m a Scorpio
    My father is a Scorpio
    My sister is a Scorpio
    My best friend is a Scorpio
    My ex of 10 years was a Scorpio

    I can tell you without a doubt he will NEVER leave the wife. You’re just the side check, you’re in the dark and the hidden, but you’re not real to him in the light and the open. She is. No one gives that up, especially not a Scorpio and a MAN. Man can stay even in unhappy relationships for years.

    I’m really sorry, this isn’t fair to you or her, leave him and let him face his cowardly decision.

    Like others said, Scorpio Taurus connection is so much better than Scorpio Pisces connection. He’s more stable and more comfortable with a Taurus.