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    My sons dad had cancer moon but his Venus was in Aqua. He has a sweet side, very nurturing. He loves to cook and provide for his family, he was the type who would rub my temples when I had a headache, or bring me a heating pad and ibuprofen when I had cramps Lol he’s an amazing father too.

    I imagine a cap sun with Pisces Venus as well as cancer moon would be a well balanced earthy but sensitive man. What is your sign? If you’re water/earth he would probably work out well for you.

    What was his sun? Cap too? He sounds so sweet and dependable.

    I’m a Scorpio sun and Venus with a Pisces moon so lotssss of water. I don’t have any earth but the rest of my placements are mostly Libra

    Awww you guys will work out very well then! Yes my sons dad has cap sun. Also he has Virgo Mars do the cancer moon was his only water.. you are in for a sweet surprise with your cap! I honestly probably would not want to deal with a cap (or any earth sign) unless they had some water in their chart. It balances them out well. I was with my sons dad for over 10 years but he cheated so that is the only reason we are no longer together. We are still good friends though and he’s a great dad

    You sound like the sweetest human to forgive him and still think so highly of him. I bet he regretted cheating!

    My cap comes off cold and harsh at times, but he’s also 11 years older than me so maybe he’s just more old fashioned so he doesn’t decorate his words as much. Any tips for how to treat him?

    Well it’s been 3 years since I left my ex so I’ve had a lot of time to heal so there’s no reason to still be angry with him.

    Yeah my ex could come off cold or detached at times, you honestly get used to it though I think. But it’s kinda like how the seasons change, you always know after that cold front, that warm breezy side will come sweeping back in eventually so let him have his moment. His cancer moon is opposite his Capricorn sun, so there will be times where the water in his chart softens him, but there will be other times that he will be at odds emotionally and mentally. I am dealing with a Pisces sun/Virgo moon that has that same sun/moon opposition. He will teach you patience.

    With his cancer moon, family will be important to him. He also might be homebody and not the type to go to a lot of events. He will love if you cook for him and care for him when he’s sick. He’ll probably be a boob guy lol Every cancer moon man that I know is a boob guy. Lol

    Honestly with your placements, I think you will know how to handle him naturally. It will be effortless. What’s his mars and ascendant and your mars/ascendant?
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    We’ve butt heads a bunch of times, there always seems to be this tension (I mean the sex is great) but the tension seems to be always just lurking.

    He’s got a cap Mars and I’ve a libra Mars. I’m a Sag rising and he’s a Scorpio rising!