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    Posted by MareInfame
    What is her personality like?

    Have you observed how she behaves when she likes someone?

    Most of my Aqua girlfriends are really romantic and dreamy. But I noticed that some could be obsessive on minute and the next act like the person didn’t even exist… they even deny ever feeling anything for that person. I always found that odd.

    Anyway… maybe it would be of help to observe HER ways.

    Yea we’ve been friends for 7yrs . i’ve seen her good bad and ugly side. She’s an introvert that really focus on her finances and family. She also has a wild carefree side about her that really intrigues me to not be so in my head, and in compliment i do the same with giving her logical and innovative ideas. I’m just trying to take it up a notch with being 💯 with myself. Going after what i want. We both have discussed our feelings for each other but never act.

    Wait… you have both expressed same feelings?!??

    …. And you haven’t ACTED😳
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    Yupppp, don’t judge me man lol. However i’m glad I did not make a act on my feelings back then because we both were immature and young and probably would of messed up a genuine connection. Besides We Capricorn tend to be persistent but slow and steady on the race. Yea so i’m shooting my shot this time!