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    As a capricorn, we tend to not see signs clearly at first. Did you try voicing your emotions to him? We also use work to distract us from thinking about stuff or beating ourselves up rather. we are our worst critics lol. Bottom line if he is depressed it’s maybe because he really wants to be with you but doesn’t know how to word it.

    Love is worth fighting for, whats the worse that could happen.

    When I met him recently I told him I loved him, and the emotions are still there, and that I would wait for him 🥺. I’m confused because I feel that he feels the same - he loves me, and wants to be with me, but what he says/do is totally the opposite. It’s extremely hard. I do not like this uncertainty so I’ll speak to him as soon as he appears. BTW he could have told me instead of saying - I’d die if you would be with someone else, but you should not wait for me. - that was the killer sentence which keeps me thinking and thinking, as a cap what do u think?

    If he wants, you'll know. If he doesn't , then you'll be confused.

    Trust people's actions more than their words.
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    Tbh you can’t really trust people actions either. Someone can act like they like you and stab you in the back. The fact is some people tend to run away from voicing their emotions. Sometimes due to rejection or fear of embarrassment. This is just who we are as humans. we’re not perfect and we can’t read mines. Everybody doesn’t get it right the first time. I don’t blame this person for fighting for what he/she heart wants. But again this is just my opinion..