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    I miss the 90's even if a grew up in the 2000's
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    Posted by alexscaries
    Scorpio moon and mars never gives up on love, if it is bent and not broken. If it's broken we walk away. I'm both btw. If she is sag pluto, I'm guessing early 20s? A lot of young people will date against type, the older you get you sort of keep dating similar types, unless you are gem, aqua or fire influenced.

    The other thing is stop feeling sorry for yourself. What's the best thing a man can wear? Confidence. We all have that negative butter in our heads, it pushes people away. What's the best thing a woman can wear? A smile (or failing that I'm partial to sussys and high heels).

    I'm older and I'm not earning enough. It's a temporary glitch though. I won't be on the same wage forever neither will you. Looks are subjective. Just because you see a girl as say a 10/10 doesn't mean she sees herself as that. Also when I did the bar scene as a youth, the more attractive girls were often the nicest, that's not to say I got anywhere. The ugly ones were used to men hitting on them as they saw as easy, so they became embittered. I guess Brad Pitt stayed at home that night.

    Idk If she os actually scorpio moon since idk the birthtime, since its at 0° is 50/50 to be either libra or scorpio, but she of course vibe more with scorpio moon, as you know i first meet her online, she made the first move calling me cute lol, and still today doesnt seems she gave up, i cannot picture myself being the marriage dream of anyone thought...
    Edit: i just noticed how fixed her chart is now

    If you're goal is marriage aim towards being marriage material. I believe nobody is marriage or relationship material we are all broken and slightly scared, just some people are less broken and hide negative traits better.

    It's a subject in itself, but what s totally treetrunked up is you have to hide the negative thoughts at least early on. You can't say "I don't earn enough money am I out of your league" or whatever you have to be like a rock.
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    Lol nah bruh, i only said that i cant picture me being marriage material because why the girl would still like me after a decade? how she picture me exactly? is not like we grow up togheter or something, maybe i am being way too materialistic now but after the responses i got on that thread... like if i am broke is a time waster or something, some few girls in the thread still said that i should not stress about it tho