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    Posted by LadyNeptune
    You've already gone through domestic violence in your previous relationship.
    The way he is treating you reeks of the start of domestic abuse as well. You did nothing wrong.

    In your own words, he was being a dick towards you, shouting at you, and you told him jokingly to go suck a dick. Why is it your actions hold so much weight but how he was treating you doesn't?

    You are apologizing and only thinking about his hurt feelings and he has you worried about losing him (he's not going anywhere). When really the conversation should be centered around him taking accountability for his cruelty towards you as well.

    But abusers never admit to their wrongdoings. They just shift the narrative and paint themselves as the victim.

    He thinks that I was cheating on him by doing this behind his back to my male friend whilst he was packing his stuff.

    That’s abusive behavior on his part.

    Him accusing you of cheating because you have a male friend. He was that male friend for the better part of 2 decades!! He knows first hand that you have the capacity to have platonic male friends.
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    Omfgggggg I know. But I was super drunk. He’s never questioned me before, he left and came back and was obvs trying to get a rise out of him because I shouted abort mission 3 times. I’m just so confused fused because I’ve fell for him massively and I feel as tho I’ve ruined something that was great. He feels humiliated and said he would be a mug to ever take me back. I’m so glad you think it’s over reacted. Especially when he says he loves me so much but he can’t ever come back and love me how he originally did. I know he wants to but for his own sanity and stubbornness he’s choosing not too 😩