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    Posted by 81gems
    Posted by Abbie132018
    So my man lived with me, I cooked him and his cousin dinner. Got drunk but while he was out dropping his cousin off I was on FaceTime to my lad best friend who we talk to every day. My man. Was being a dick so I was insinuating for him to go a suck a dick to my friend whilst laughing. He then thought I was doing it to my friend and now he can’t trust me. He has moved out and is still extremely mad but took me for lunch yesterday and food shopping. I can’t stop thinking about him it’s making me bad

    Well I don't know about not trusting you. That makes no sense. Yet.

    But on second thought I think I would have left you too, for being such an annoying drunken idiot.
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    Left for good?? I would have forgiven something so silly! Nooo?