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    I miss the 90's even if a grew up in the 2000's
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    Oh butter, if this is her chart. We have the same sun, moon, mercury and venus 😶

    A worthy person to respond

    Lol, what is your sun sign if you dont mind my asking?


    Aren't Taurus always looking for successful partners and those who they can get ahead with? If she's successful and doesn't mind you being broke, date her. What have you got to lose? Work on your schooling and career and build if she's gonna supply the foundation for you. You don't have to do it alone.
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    She is just studying just like me
    I may be overthinking this tbh
    The another thread triggered a lot of females thinking i am a loser who will waste women's time, probably their own self experiences
    This thread triggered idk why lol, there is a salty user up there who said she is just being kind and didnt said nothing about liking me? Lol, i mean she is kindly sitting on my lap
    The 'what i have to lose' part is more like 'what she have to lose with me...', because i cant take her to nice places now, so she may think that we are building something togheter, but while i am broke i have this mindset that i cant build nothing besides with myself, oh look i am overthinking again...