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    I miss the 90's even if a grew up in the 2000's
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    Oh butter, if this is her chart. We have the same sun, moon, mercury and venus 😶

    A worthy person to respond

    Lol, what is your sun sign if you dont mind my asking?


    Aren't Taurus always looking for successful partners and those who they can get ahead with? If she's successful and doesn't mind you being broke, date her. What have you got to lose? Work on your schooling and career and build if she's gonna supply the foundation for you. You don't have to do it alone.

    She is just studying just like me
    I may be overthinking this tbh
    The another thread triggered a lot of females thinking i am a loser who will waste women's time, probably their own self experiences
    This thread triggered idk why lol, there is a salty user up there who said she is just being kind and didnt said nothing about liking me? Lol, i mean she is kindly sitting on my lap
    The 'what i have to lose' part is more like 'what she have to lose with me...', because i cant take her to nice places now, so she may think that we are building something togheter, but while i am broke i have this mindset that i cant build nothing besides with myself, oh look i am overthinking again...

    Bill Gates got divorced recently. It's not about taking them to expensive places. Why don't you work on getting more money if it bothers you so much? You're on here talking you could be making money instead of doing this. You're both students idk why you think she expects you to have lots of money? It's all your insecurity, nothing to do with her but like I said if it really bothers you then get earning some extra money

    I am probably projecting my money issues into romance... Its weird, i never had this insecurity before but is more like that i am stuck in the Idea of no money = no fun, i see my friends and family members of my age all going to the beach with their gfs and etc, i am doing something about the money issue, i mean i am studying... But as i said before takes time, years, so in all this years i lonely life doesnt seem healthy tho, i am probably self sabotaging my love life, since i never had a serious relantionship only flings, you are right, at some degree i am scared of It, Wizards what is your sign btw?

    Maybe it is not about your lovelife at all? Perhaps you don't really want to study, or at least you don't want to study for years and be broke whilst you do it. You could be deflecting your true feelings about that. I get the no money = no fun idea, although it's not really true imo but sometimes you are fed up being poor, I certainly understand that
    What about if you took a big step and instead of studying you tried to get an internship somewhere so you can learn to do something and get paid at the same time? Or try to get a fulltime job with prospects and work your way up? I'm not saying you have to do it right away but let it sit in your mind and see how you feel about it
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    I am very decided with what i want, i had this mindset of 'i want money right now' before and quit studying at 22, i had multiple minimum wage jobs and slowly started to notice i was going nowhere, at the same time i envy my friends and family members at my age with low to mid paying jobs with their gfs in the beach i dont wanted to be in their skin lol, looks like a stuck life and o want to ascend, now at 24 i decided to focus heavy in studying where i stopped, i just had this stigma in my head with money and relantionships, i just need to learn how to live my life normally in the 'construction phase', i should rename this threads to 'dating a girl focusing solely on studying'.