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    Joined dxpnet on February 12, 2012.
    You did the right thing. After reading your post i remembered a guy i was best friend with. He always cried about his life which made me super emotional. And slowly he started asking for help. It started with paying for petrol, mobile recharge etc.

    Later one day he said he will die if he don't get money and wont be able to live anymore etc. And this time i gave him big amount of money. After receiving it his behavior changed. I could sense it. I realised he's fooling me. So i asked for my money back. But he kept delaying it. So i stopped talking to him. Then after 2 days he called and started telling me his sob story again. I refused to listen to any more of that. And that time he agreed to pay half of it back. So i started talking with him again. Next month i made him pay the remaining half. And cut him off from my life.

    He was a saggitarius. Later i realised he had a girlfriend which he never told me about. He always told me he loved me but i always considered him to be my best friend. But he was a lier.