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    Venus ruled Scorpio with Taurus moon . Partial to a bit of *Hocus Pocus*
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    When a virgo man says he is going through some difficult stuff, and that he needs ti fix that first. Is he coming back, or is he just trying to dump me in a nice way? 😂

    He is very honest and open, so I know that his life is a mess at the moment.

    Virgos and Virgals hate imbalances in their lives. As a matter of fact, anyone that causes any imbalances usually will get the boot after a couple of weeks though we make exceptions only when intuitively led to do so. He didn't dump you. He laid his cards on the table and more or less said the door is open but he's spring cleaning. Right now especially, I think collectively we Virgos are taking action to remove any and all bs from our energy. All nouns, people places and things. We all have manners but we hate wasting time I'm general. He said he is fixing his crap. That's what he's doing. Temporarily he'll focus the majority of his energy and then circle back around to see if you're still interested..

    So we met again and we had a very open conversation. He admited that he is keeping me at arms length because he is scared of letting anyone in, and he is scared of getting hurt.
    How can I show him that he can trust me?
    We havent talked for almost a week now, but thats nothing new since he pushes me away after every time we meet.
    And its not like he is using me for sex, because we have met 4 times and only had sex once.

    Where are his moon, mars and venus?

    I don't know his birthtime, but this is what I get:

    Moon scorpio
    Mars libra
    Venus cancer
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    You’d need his birth time for accuracy
    What degree is his moon?
    Mars Libra....not very assertive
    Venus Cancer can be needy
    I sense a push pull energy