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    Can’t believe no one responded? Did he come back?

    I honestly forgot about this post but so much has happened since this. I forgot to mention that around this time one of my very good friends had passed away. He knew because he was the first person I ran to to tell, he didn’t respond back until 5 days later giving his condolences and stating that he didn’t want to take our relationship any further. I was honestly really hurt/confused and had iced him out completely I left him on read, unfriended him on all social media platforms, basically pretended like he never existed to me. He ended up blocking me and we went 5 months no contact. Until one day...he had unblocked me and a week later was in my dm’s asking me how I had been and apologizing for the way he handled things said that I had been on his mind a lot. So yes, he did come back eventually, I forgave him for my sake to move on but I don’t forget. I don’t forget how someone who claimed to care about me didn’t once console me or even ask if I was doing okay while grieving over the death of someone close to me.

    Yep. Good for you on valuing yourself and having healthy standards. He showed you his true colors when it was worth observing and showed you how awful he’d handle it. Glad he showed you early on! It was nice that he apologized, but it really doesn’t replace his lack of character when character IS NEEDED.

    I was going to say, you have VERY compatible placements for a Taurus (and Scorpio for that matter).

    I know icing him out probably wasn’t the most mature way to end things either, but I was already in a very emotional state of mind processing the loss of my friend and then him telling me that was a slap to the face, I guess as a cancer it’s my defense mechanism when I’m hurt. He told me he had a lot going on in his home life at the time, which I honestly do believe since his mother is disabled, but I had always been there to listen/help him through his problems and the minute my world got rocked he was nowhere to be found. I’m not saying he’s a bad person, but he definitely showed his true colors and while I can forgive (I’m not heartless) I cannot forget. I am currently single and really taking this time to focus on self love and my career! I even got back into therapy recently and I am just overall doing a lot better. Might have to see what Scorpio is about next!

    Don’t worry about your reaction - you did the right thing under the circumstances. He knew that, that is why he came back to apologize.

    He basically has a horrible EQ and you need someone that is much more empathetic and understanding of your feelings or at least sympathize with your situation. He sounds incapable of doing something that might seem very simple to us water signs…lol.

    Anyway, it was a kind gesture for him to decide to apologize. At least that way you could part in much friendlier terms and not have such awful memory of the other.
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    Yeah he admitted he put off reaching out to me because of how he ended/handled things and wasn’t sure how I’d react. I do appreciate his apology, I’m sure it took a lot of guts to come forward and swallow his pride. He wanted another chance to pursue me romantically, I turned him down this time, but we did at least part on good friendly terms and wished each other well. smile