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    Posted by AgentP911
    Sounds like you had a lucky escape. Good for you for focusing on yourself.

    I’m not gonna sit around and wait for someone to realize that I’m a catch and worth more than the bare minimum effort, you can wine and dine me all you want but if you’re not here to emotionally support me or at the very least listen, then there just isn’t any room for you in my life. I am doing better! I decided to go back to therapy and have been doing great career wise, I am up for a promotion so fingers crossed!

    Sweet! I hope you gain the promotion. Maybe it is time for some good news and good things for you. Nobody likes to follow the trail of breadcrumbs left by an uninterested fella who messes about.
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    Thank you so much!! I’ll keep y’all updated if I get the promotion or not. Man I hope so! I haven’t had good news in a while so I hope this is it