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    Hey there, as a Virgo woman I have recently realized that I have serious commitment issues. Well I kinda already knew about it but I recently learned that it is a Virgo thing and I honestly wonder if you guys have the same problem. I am currently seeing this guy (a Gemini) and i want it to work out but I keep overthinking about inexistent stuff and end up realizing that I don't want to have something with him but then we talk and I realize that it is what I want. Well I have been overall having problems keeping my head on truck and I just realized that this has always been a problem that I have had and this is the reason why I can't have a real "serious" relationship. I don't know if any other Virgos out there are having similar issues but I would like to find a solution to this. How do y'all deal with this? I really don't want to blow up another chance simply because of my overthinking and my misplaced perfectionism.

    . Hi I'm virgo virgo Sun virgo moon and virgo rising so virgo all round lol but I have never had this problem do you not think maby you have just not met the right person that's why you have never let your self go fully .. As with me it takes me a lot to really like someone like that I have to have an instant click with someone if not I wouldn't even try and see if I could build feelings but iv had two serious relationship s one for three years and one for 11 years and when I met them I knew straight away I could see something between us and had that instant connection and I had no hesitations in perusing it I never over though about anything as you will never know what's going to happen but you have to take these chances .. I ended up heartbroken twice but at the time was so happy and in love so was worth it .. I think if you dig deep enough you will be able to come to the realization of its truley what you want try not to beat yourself up or pu t to much pressure on yourself .. Does he make you truly happy and do you love him if so then grab it with both hands if not walk away hope you find peace xx
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    Thank you for your reply, as time has passed and I spent more time with him I realized that i liked him a lot and that we actually spend so much quality time together. I don't know what it is like to fall in love with someone so I don't know if I am in love with him yet but I know that he is special for me and that it could actually work. I am no longer scared of going for it as that was a main issue for me but currently I am more scared of losing him and I feel like I am getting over my commitment issues as well. Communication is always the key, should never be lost. I am glad of how you think of your two relationships as well, it means that they were worth it. Have a good day and thanks again