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    31 years old
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    Ty for all the support here.
    Todays interaction was weird.
    We deliver packages. Sometimes people are put on pure rescue (they dont get a route, instead take totes off others)
    She was put on rescue. Wasnt expecting it, usually dispatch sends me a text if Im being rescued.

    Me "You're rescueing me?" jokingly
    Her "No I just found you here" (possibly referring to how I found her tiktok without her telling me her username)
    I show her the rest of my route, cause she rather pick and choose what she wants to deliver
    I apologize cause I go in like shy mode, saying my emotions have been all over the place lately.
    Then shes like "they have been putting me on rescue lately, they must like me. (Possibly because I told her I like her?)
    Me- I....They put on rescue a lot lately too, they must like me too.

    Idk if this meant anything. After all she said lately it shouldn't. I wish I could explain it better.
    Or im just fishing real hard for reasons to stay attached
    She seems to be avoiding me at work lately.
    But im sorry this kind of playful behavior is hot to me.

    Most of it is what you don't say. I've had banal conversations, but we've both had our treetrunk goggles on.

    I think if you keep getting friendzoned and you want more then that's something to work on.

    Okay so how do I like her and be her friend without hurting myself? Cause thats I would like to do I think.

    Total detachment. Do you still want her as a friend if you can't have more?
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    Idk. The only way ive actually gotten over anyone is to completely cut them out of my life. Then that may take years of no contact. Then we may just be aquitences or just not talk ever again. Cant really do this at work unless I get a new job.

    Im going to the west side of the us to see a friend for a week so hopefully that will clear the mind