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  • Posted by Undine
    Damn girl, you've got my placements except for the moon. Maybe some anger management classes? Not everything is worth fighting for. Besides, stress makes you age quickly.

    It's just the buildup of every mistake for example: taking off with my car without letting me know for the 50th time when I have the baby with me. He doesn't think about if an emergency were to occur and doesn't have a working phone? And he took off with my debit card the 3rd day at the hospital after a C-section and spent all of my money getting "stuck" in the city... And for some reason I didn't call the cops... The more I talk about this the more evidently clear the answer becomes so I really don't know why I'm asking... Maybe for validation on how bad his offenses really are? So I can go in peace because living with him and his family has seriously desensitized me.