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    Posted by LadyNeptune
    I don't agree that you should stop contacting him and suddenly assuming a passive roll. That's going to send the message that you are uninterested. Especially as you've said your always the one to initiate so far.
    Perhaps he, understandably so, is under the impression you prefer to be the initiator as that is what you've shown him in the time you've been dating.
    Just tell him you'd like him to plan the next date, and your free on x, y, and z days coming up. Then sit back and let him step up.

    After a month, I think I’ve accepted that I’m driving the bus here. Every time I suggest a date, he very enthusiastically accepts. If that’s how I’m going to spend time with him, then that’s fine. Maybe I’m just so used to the traditional role of the man being the pursuer that I’m just not used to this new paradigm. I’ve read in many places that cancer man prefers to be the passive one in the relationship, and likes a bold woman who takes charge. It’s just a tricky spot because I don’t want to push him, but if I want to see him and spend time with him – which I always do, as a Libra Woman — then I need to be the one suggesting plans. I did talk to him about initiating texts, and he just explained that’s his thing and he’s gotten criticized for it before. But he’s actually really stepped up and made much more of an effort to reach out to me first, which I appreciate.