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  • Posted by TheLizWiz
    One of my former coworkers is a friend of mines, we used to socialize a lot, and lately we have been chatting more. She DM'd me a couple days ago and I wrote back to her telling her how life has been. I have pics of me with my girlfriend on my Instagram and I notice she likes all of my pics except pics with my girlfriend, not sure what's up there.

    A couple of weeks ago, I run into her after going to the gym. She ends up approaching me and grabs my arm saying "Marisa has you spending extra time working arms, gotta get to those chicken legs though!" while kicking me in my calves. I noticed she rubbed my arm a lot too as if she was stroking it while biting her lip an smiling. Now I laugh it off and we chat to catch up, as I am leaving, she smacks me on my butt in the parking lot and tells me to take my girlfriend to an expensive winery.

    I put up another pic on Instagram, it is of me on a boat and she DMs me asking where my girlfriend is. I don't click on it at all, just left it on unread.

    A few days ago, I am at a cafe zoned in to my work and hear a sound, it's her. I take my headphones out to speak to her and she sits across from me. We chat for a bit but then she leans in to tell me "by the way, I can tell things are not going great between you and Marisa, don't be shy to talk to me about it, we are friends".

    We are friends......but she takes an interest in my relationship.

    I have no idea how she knew my relationship was on the rocks either, my girlfriend and I have been kind of distant.

    I tell her things are going great and she smiles while sarcastically saying sure. Then she leans in saying "you'll find the one" while grabbing my hands and locking eyes with me. I smiled and said "already have", she laughs but I am not sure how she took it, I meant my girlfriend and not her.

    What is your sign?