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    As an Aries man myself, I can say that the "nothing" arguments are definitely not out of the ordinary. Just being honest with you...Aries men love to argue. I don't have to argue a lot, but I need to on a somewhat regular basis. If somebody doesn't give me the opportunity to have an argument, I'll find a way to cause an argument just to get "my fix" so to speak. When I say this, I am mostly talking about in the course of my relationship. I don't like big huge fights or anything, but sometimes I feel like I need to cause one because things have been too peaceful for too long. I know that sounds messed up, but I think a lot of other Aries men are the exact same way. We need to have our fights...I think it's an ego thing. And it doesn't matter how stupid the spats really are, it's just one of those things when dealing with an Aries. If you want a fight with an Aries man to be over, you just need to tell him that his stance on whatever ya'll are arguing about is the correct stance. It's an ego game is all it is. Mr. Aries has to be Mr. Correct all the time, so keep that in mind. But don't cut the argument short by telling him his stance is the correct stance. As I said, we need to have our arguments. So let the argument come to fruition before you end it by telling him he is correct. Look at him misty-eyed, tell him he's correct, and tell him you love him. The argument is over then, and he'll go back to being the sweet and caring man that you know he can be.