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    Posted by CLCNY30
    (1) Who is by far the most MANIPULATIVE sign in the zodiac that you have encountered (dating, friendships, relationships, etc)?

    Pisces, and Cancer. Hands down. The lies, and the crocodile tears--I can't stand that b*tter. I'd laugh at some of their attempts to cry their way out of something messed up they did...that seemed to piss them off, LOL. Sorry, but it's funny to me when "adults" act like lil bambinos to try to get outta problems. Worst part is they (at least the ones I knew) never grew up, and still do that b*tter to others, and wonder why God never sends them true love. Why would he, you lowlife piece of b*tters?; there are people out there w/good hearts who aren't finding love, why would you? Like you'd know what to do with it if you found it anyway, gtfohwtbs. I can't STAND liars!

    (2) How soon were you perceptive to their manipulative ways?

    I honestly was not able to really see the big picture until they were in my past. I'd think back to things said/done and be like "wooooow, what sneaky, lying ass bastards..." I never got deep enough to get played--if I ever sense something's amiss, I pull back (thank God, these guys and girls have hurt a lot of innocent people who stayed "no matter what").

    (3) Were you the victim...or did you come out as a raging warrior, shutting them down???

    I played the victim without knowing it, but once I realized my life (and everyone else's, for that matter) was better off without them, I ended whatever relationships I had with them, and once I say "goodbye" to ANYONE, we're done for life. I don't leave doors ajar--them b*tters are either wide open, or CLOSED. No "what if's" lying around. You'll know--I'll tell you.

    Totally agree!