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    Not to get off topic here, but is there a vibe between Aquarius women and Aries men? I have you here talking about being interested in all these Aries men, not even intentionally. And I myself (an Aries male, born March 27) have always had a thing for Aquarius females (usually the January Aquarians) without even knowing that they were Aquarius. Every single women I've ever really had the hots for has ended up being an Aquarius, born between the 21st and the 31st of January. Are these two always attracted to each other, or is this just a coincidence?

    As an answer to the thread question, yes...I have noticed a lot of my fellow Aries males tend to run around and have sex or hook up with anything that moves. Not to offend anybody here, but I will say that it has always appeared to me that April Aries males are more prone to acting like this than us late March Aries males are. The reason why Aries males may act like this is because they don't like to be tied down in a relationship. If an Aries man ever settles down and doesn't seem like he minds being tied down in his relationship with you, then you should rest assured that he REALLY cares about you. I used to be much more of a "man slut" than I am now. I didn't go around hooking up with a ton of girls, but I talked to a lot of them on that level at once. Then I finally found the girl that I really wanted, and I couldn't be more faithful to her than I have been. Bottom line: If an Aries male really likes you, those childish games and trying to be a player will cease.