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    Posted by DMsilversoul
    If you agreed at first it could have been simple a lunch out.. But you neglet the proposal and she felt kinda of humuliation cause you choosed to go with others.. Now its more emotional, you see it differently.. Its your over reaction fault.
    But you have to make up for her

    Thank you for your insight, as well, DM. I guess the reason for deciding not to go to lunch with her is because I feel that it would upset my Aqua female that I am in a committed relationship with. I suppose the reason that I feel like this is because I have taken her behavior the last several weeks as meaning she is interested in me. Therefore, if she is interested in me, to take her to lunch would make it more like a date, in my eyes. Maybe that's just my hang-up, and if it is, I guess I just answered my own question about whether or not I have feelings for this Gemini.