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    Should I tell my gf? I tell her most everything, and she sometimes jumps on my Facebook. She'll probably see it eventually.

    I'm just afraid that she will message her husband and cause problems for her marriage.

    Your girlfriend would message her husband and cause problems for their marriage?

    That's shady. I don't think jumping to conclusions is best.

    Just block her or ignore her.
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    I agree.

    You obviously know this woman better than anyone here. If you say she's a good woman, obviously there must've been something off as to why she sent you that message at such an odd hour. Maybe she's going through something dark, maybe she needed to clear her mind, to reach out to someone who could possibly care to listen. Who knows what her intentions were, maybe it was a cry for help. That is if we're still going with the good and lovely woman track.

    You also obviously know your girlfriend better than anyone else here. If her stumbling upon the message would cause her to blow all this out of proportion by contacting her husband, it's okay to delete it and move on as if you've never seen it. Life is full of shades of grey, and having the ability to lie well without malice is just as important as truthfulness.