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Not serial killers but with less than 1 degree orb (conjunction) there are:

Ruhollah Khomeyni, Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails), Megan Fox, Janet Jackson = Algol conjunct Sun
Jackson Pollock, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Peter Sellers, Carrie Fisher = Algol conjunct Moon
David Beckham, Johnny Depp (+Venus) = Algol conjunct Mercury
Sid Vicious, Prince William = Algol conjunct Venus
Salvador Dalì, Osama Bin Laden, Robert De Niro, Tom Cruise = Algol conjunct Mars
Keanu Reeves = Algol conjunct Jupiter
Art Garfunkel = Algol conjunct Saturn/Uranus
John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Muhammad Alì, Lou Reed (+Mars) = Algol conjunct Uranus
Diego Rivera (Frida Khalo's husband) = Algol conjunct Neptune
Joseph Stalin, Leon Trotsky, Paul Klee (+ Lilith) = Algol conjunct Pluto
Wilt Chamberlain, Bryan Wilson (The Beach Boys) = Algol conjunct Ascendant
Marlene Dietrich, Woody Allen, Uma Thurman, Frida Khalo, Henry Ford = Algol conjunct MC
Brian Jones = Algol conjunct Mars/Uranus/Lilith
Stephen King, Janet Jackson = Algol conjunct NN
Adolf Hitler = Algol conjunct Vertex

between 1 and 2:

Brian Eno = Algol conjunct Sun
Saddam Hussein, Sigmund Freud = Algol conjunct Mercury
Leonardo da Vinci, Lady D = Algol conjunct Venus
Jean-Paul Sartre = Algol conjunct Jupiter
Pablo Picasso = Algol is Jupiter/Pluto midpoint
Bela Lugosi = Algol is Saturn/Pluto midpoint
Ezra Pound = Algol conjunct Neptune
Albert Einstein = Algol conjunct Pluto
Donald Trump = Algol conjunct MC
Micheal Phelps = Algol conjunct Lilith
Hilary Clinton = Algol conjunct NN


Eric Burdon (leader of The Animals) = Algol conjunct Mercury/Venus/Jupiter/Uranus + Sun/Saturn not too far

this is a great post. algol is not the end all be all...millions of people live perfectly fine lives with algol.. however, the inclination is definitely there. let's talk about few of the cases

To start off, a lot of people named are young. Algol sometimes gets you in later part of your life. Sadam Hussein, OJ Simpson, and Gaddafi for example. Or sometimes early, Che Guevera.

Megan Fox. She had a meteoric rise but now she can't get work. She's also gone under the knife many times to carve her face to make her more beautiful. it's a delusion because she was hottest in Transformers 1 when she barely had anything done.

Sid Vicious died young right?

Now onto people like

Prince William, Tom Cruise and Robert Deniro.. they are the protected elite. They were clearly chosen people so we don't know what they do in private. The stories of rampant pedophilia, human sacrifices and even cannabalism has always been a factual history of the elite. Tom Cruise and Deniro actually appear to be brain dead. They are so uncomfortable in their skin it's a little odd. Tom Cruise being secretly gay and living a life of denial has to be punishment of some sort.

Stalin and Trotsky both have killed many and led regimes that has caused many many deaths.

John Lennon was assassinated. Muhammad Ali lost his mind in his 30's and was a prisoner inside his body for the rest of his life until he died.

Bob Dylan has jupiter conjunct algol. Jupiter has been observed to cancel out algol in my studies. Jupiter makes algol even more potent in success.

For example, Pierce Brosnan, Putin and Floyd Mayweather(most lucrative boxer who never lost).... those are people that overcame many things in life and won. They all have Jupiter conjunct algol.

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