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    Generally, yes, love them. Obviously, I hate to get a bad surprise, like a car wreck.

    My Taurus sun Scorpio moon friend hates surprises more than anyone I know. She snoops to discover what all of her gifts will be because she can't stand to be surprised.
    Laughing. We live for surprises!

    I think that snooping bit could be her scorp moon square sun by sign.....

    Good to know! I've wondered why she's like that. She's very, very private. She's probably my best friend in the entire world, but there are things I'll never know about her.

    Tauruses are deep souls but they love to share when they trust you.
    Scorps as such want to hold something back because they know to use information as weapon and they expect others to do the same..... very few of them are not like that !

    She's such a sweet, warm soul, though. It's hard for me to imagine she's planning on using her information on anyone. I know she wouldn't use it on me. I mean, I know she snoops, and I'm probably the only one who knows that.Laughing It's just something she does. She also never shared information about her sex life when the rest of the gals talked about such things. She was the only one more reticent that I. I like to talk about sex, but not the sex I actually have, if you get me.

    I'm sure she is a sweet person, but they tend to store information. I don't know that many Scorpio gals but some scorpio guys were a bit nasty when things didn't go their way, even without any interest on my part. But they make goid friends....

    I get ya about the sex thing.... lol I'm curious to know things as long as we aren't discussing about my sex life. For Gems aren't we a bit odd?

    Everything keeps coming back to Scorpios for me lately. I don't have a single Scorpio placement, but Scorpio does cusp my 7th house...I wonder. Anyway, she's the best friend in the world. If you're searching for an irreplaceable friend, I recommend female Taurus with Scorpio moon. smile

    I like to share information about sex as well as listen, but as soon as I realize I'm giving away too much about myself, I start asking questions instead. Must be that 12th house Venus. Where is your Venus?

    What is your rising sign? Aries or Taurus? Is Scorp or sag the cusp of your 8th house? In glad you have a true friend..... my besties are a Aries and Gemini.... i guess I'm lucky to have them. My bf is a Taurus SunBig Grin
    Fixed signs smdh

    12th house Venus is so romantic as long as they don't love to play the role of thr dejected lover.... mine is in Taurus and in the 1st house.

    Venus in, that's why you're so easy to talk to. Probably a pretty one too!
    My rising sign is Taurus. Scorpio just _barely_ cusps the 7th. Sagittarius cusps the 8th.
    Playing the role of the dejected lover, eh? Uh oh. I'm good at that.

    You don't seem like a typical Gemini nor do you come off as airy, more depth and softness.

    Are you water dominant or have a lot of water placements?

    I have a pretty well balanced chart. I identify with the "chameleon" nature of Gemini more than the other aspects of it. I don't truly change on the inside, but I can adapt to other people to learn about them and try to help them. I guess I'm good at that because I'm people-focused and honestly give a butter. Obviously, I give more of a butter about some than others.

    My dominate planets are Sun and Moon (if you count those), followed by Venus, then Neptune, and then Mercury and Jupiter.

    My Gemini venus definitely likes the Gemini sun... playful, yet the rest of me see's a much more caring and deeper person with that, it's nice.

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    When do you know if they are going to be just friends or something more than that? Do you rush, do you like persistence stability?