Understanding Mars in Sagittarius using Astrology

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  • Whorpio
    Sluttitarius dominant
    22 years old female from The Deep South, USA
    “If you treetrunk with winning, put your lighters to the sky
    How could I make sense when I got millions on my mind?
    Coming with that bullbutter, I just put it to the side
    Balling since a baby, they could see it in my eeeeyes”

    Congratulations by Post Malone
    Scorpio sun, Sagittarius mars
  • Mine: Virgo Venus and Sagittarius Mars

    Him: Cap Venus and Virgo Mars

  • lisabethur8
    Married, middleaged parttime housewife, Aqua-sun/Cap/Pisces/Taurus,married to,S
    Posted by saggurl88
    Posted by peachy06
    Posted by saggurl88
    Posted by peachy06
    Again !? 😦

    What happened, what did I miss ?

    Nothing. Just me panicking and being overdramatic again!Laughing

    He’s already back- at least for now! smile

    Oh, I see. Well I'm glad to heart that, because he's my fav aquarius here smile

    Yes. He has a lot of people that care about him here and like interacting with him. smile
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    he doesn't feel like he has sagittarius mars and sag moon lol

    but then again, there's that capricorn guy who sings my favourite songs, and he's sagittarius dominant. Lol..

    holy crap.

    but hope he does come back. he has some good insights.

    my husband has Sagittarius in his personal planets.
    and i found some good astro stuff from a Sagittarius man who said his girlfriend is an Aquarius...

    mentioned about the "detached' stuff. LOL

    "Dude, don’t listen to these philistines. You should however consult a sign compatibility chart for you and your lover. That’s far more accurate than some freakin years and the Year of the Dog and Pig. Although I don’t believe in the star signs as actual predetermination, there are some patterns that people have that are born at various times of the year, and I have been around many and they usually stick to a plan. My most frequently bad matches are Capricorns, because they are highly passive aggressive and not risk takers, but are honest and loyal, as long as they aren’t challenged. My girl is Aquarius, and she is just that, very loyal, erotic, but detached. She would forget a birthday if an event came up that clouded her train of thought, but she is still very intelligent and amorous. So consult that and see how it goes for you. Good luck. I’m a Sagittarius, btw."


    LOL i dont forget birthdays though...not my family's or important events..

    however i have problem with "time" but i'm good with time as long as i have a clock and alarm lol
  • haunt
    🌙 moonchild
    Me: Virgo venus, leo mars.
    Him: Pisces venus, Sagittarius mars.

    It’s going good so far.
  • pisceswoman123
    “The trick in life is learning how to deal with it”
    Mars in SAGITTARIUS acts…

    * to-the-point…doesn’t want to waste time on games or rituals
    * blunt…shares opinions, whether you want to hear them or not
    * adventurous…seeks to explore many new experiences with you
    * freedom-loving…wants to avoid restrictions; gives you space
    * philosophical or humourous…plays philosopher or clown; laughs
    * companionable…wants to pal around with you; be friends first.

    With Mars in Sagittarius your energy for adventure is strong. You love to assert your intellect and beliefs on others and may be guilty of coming on a bit too strong in this area. With Mars in Sagittarius you’re known for an aggressive hold on your opinions and this isn’t a placement that easily admits being wrong. In sexual matters your energy is bold and adventurous but your spirit must always remain free so this Mars position won’t tolerate a clingy lover. Mars in Sagittarius needs to have fun and experience sex in a very direct way. Although you love games and sports, when it comes to sex you rarely want mind games – only the physical ones!

    Sagittarius is the most adventurous and fun-loving of the Mars signs. You like sex in varied locales, positions – and sometimes people. Yes, you’re a bit fickle and may have difficulty settling down. That is, until you find someone you can have fun with, who makes you laugh and has a spiritual connection with you. When angry, you react quickly and often speak before you think. However, your positive attitude usually resumes quickly after the storm.

    Mars in Sagittarius is fun, but unfaithful. They are restless and want variety. They like the chase, but once the conquest is made, they lose interest. They also don’t want to feel restrained by commitment. Sagittarius Mars will hang around for someone who can amuse them both intellectually and sexually. Until they find someone like that, they are likely to keep hopping from one bed to another. They are curious, and enjoy hearing about or watching the exploits of others. They may be a bit crude… they think it is fun. They also enjoy having their liaisons in unusual places. Like most things in their life, their love life is mere sport. Playing hard to get is a good way to lose their interest. Games are fine, as long as they aren’t too cerebral.

    Mars in Sagittarius loves to travel they make great pilots. They are outgoing, friendly, independent, enthusiastic and Lucky. Mars in Sagittarius is hot headed, but cools easily, not much of a temper like the other fire signs. They are athletic and love the outdoors, hiking, aerobics and are good runners. Sex is fun for them, these are the swingers, they are the BI men and women. The Sagittarius likes sexual visuals and porn and many partners, sometimes all at once. They just think sex is fun, an adventure.

    The phrase “anger management” comes to mind when Mars in Sagittarius surfaces. Between the spontaneous and combustible nature of the Centaur and the warrior stance of Mars, you could have a rather kinky and wild sexual ride with a Mars in Sagittarius person.

    These people like their freedom, have little patience for getting into serious details and like to experiment with the outer edges of the sexual envelope. People with Mars in Sagittarius generally start things but do not finish them – and that can include relationships. They have an idealistic stance, and great vision, but they sabotage their dreams by putting their verbal foot in their mouth or taking actions that intimidate others. Many times they simply trash things and people and move onto the next “project. Of course environment plays a role here.

    These folks love the outdoors, including sports that involve bloodletting – hunting for example. They enjoy being in the forest, like the mythical Pan. They have a blunt, direct, yet passionate approach in bed. Remember when Great Britain’s Prince Charles, while married to Princess Diana, was audio-taped while telling his married mistress Camilla Parker Bowles that he wished to be reincarnated as a tampon so that he might always be in her knickers? Prince Charles has natal Mars in Sagittarius. Want to try a new position? They are up for it – literally. They like playing games in bed, including roughhousing. The only things is, don’t think you are getting out of that bed without them getting their ultimate satisfaction! In or out of bed, if they feel you are infringing on their freedom, they will cut you down and turn you off in a split second. They may even run away, but they will always return, as Sagittarian energy is mutable.

    In all areas, you tend to go straight to the heart of the matter. You like things simple. You tend to view emotional commitments as restrictive, and are prone to carrying on several relationships at once to satiate your sexual needs. You require variety in every sense of the word.

    Mars in Sagittarius: optimistically pursues object of affection using a direct approach; acts like a daredevil, plays practical jokes, or extends and wins challenges to an athletic competition to impress someone; laughter and getting naked is foreplay; initiates spontaneous, outdoorsy, on-vacation sex

    Sagittarius: Laughter may be the best medicine, but in the case of Mars in Sagittarius, it’s also the best aphrodisiac. While other Mars’ might take offense if you start giggling while kissing, this one will join in with gusto and renewed enthusiasm. Bold, adventurous and ready to go, this Mars has a hearty, healthy appetite when it comes to sex and the arts of love.