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  • peachy06
    ♏️ sun ♐️ moon
    Where's our Aquarius sun Sagittarius moon nerd tho ?
  • I like Sagittarius Moon, they are the chillest and funniest people ever and they don't hold grudges or stay pissed off emotionally very long. ❤
  • dewiklaessen26
    26 years old female
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    What's your Sun and Moon?

    Gem Sun/Scorp moon
    And yours?

    I assume its the Scorp moon and probably other things in your chart.
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    Nope not anymore to forget is impossible forgive also hard with my sagg moon every now and then things come back up randomly so if we were about to have sex i would sometimes imagine him having sex with her and him enjoying it which very painful. Also being a virgo you can visualize things very good which makes it even worse.
    I am not bitter though when i start a new relationship i go in it fresh but if that ever happens again to me i will leave right away.

    My AC /Planets/Astroids and houses

    Sun: Virgo 9th house
    AC: Sagittarius
    Moon : Sagittarius 1st house
    Mars : Libra 9th house
    Mercury : Virgo 9th house
    Jupiter : Virgo 8th house
    Venus : Leo 8th house
    Vesta : Leo 8th house
    Chiron : Leo 8th house
    Uranus : Capricorn 1st house
    Neptune : Capricorn 1st house
    True north node: Capricorn 1st house
    True lilith : Capricorn 1st house
    Juno : Capricorn 1st house
    Pluto : Scorpio 11th house
  • I can't lump all Capricorn men together, unfortunately some men are just slow burners and you have to decide if you want to take this slow pace with him or move on.

    My daughter's father and my current boyfriend are both Capricorn guys and they both persue relationships at different paces.

    Capricorn Sun/Virgo Moon, my daughter's father is pretty fast if he knows what he wants he goes and gets it.

    Capricorn Sun/ Sagittarius Moon, my boyfriend is a slow burner type and he's had crushes, but it takes him awhile to persue anything romantic.
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    what i do notice about Scorpio venus is they LOVE pain....and to suffer in a way...

    so if you are having too much calmness... *sigh* (they find it wayyyyyy toooo boring)

    that is why it is detriment.

    This would contradict the fact that they tend to go for a calm Venus placement like those in Cap.

    they love anything capricorn /virgo that's for sure. ;p
    or taurus.

    i'm dominant capricorn/taurus

    and my husband has said that i have masochistic tendancies. lol

    i am ..hellooooo excuse me?? do i need a mirror? xd

    Nope. Usually the men taht I loved had Aries and Pisces venus. No Cap.

    Were their Venus retrograde?

    I don't know, but mine is. 😭

    Damn, I'm sorry to hear that.
    How do you deal with that?

    I don't. My retrograde and detriment cursed me so I don't do relationships, it's just not for me.

    That is my choice as well.
    Seems to be a general theme for people with a retrograde Venus. We are forced to learn to stand on our own without all the lovy dovy stuff.

    Yeah it kinda seem like that. Usually I love from afar, so I won't be hurt or disappointed. "Serious" relationships are not for me. Flirting is okay, tho.

    Yeah, as long as I know it will never become serious in any form I'm okay with it.

    You're a good one !

    I think that's debatable but thanks.

    I swear! Retrograde Venus is hard! Sad

    @peachy06 you both prove yourself right every time by standing still and not risking much! smh. Such a shame!

    So ? My ego is more important. Plus love is overrated. People would just deceive you and I don't need that in my life.
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    Oh my god

    This is exactly what my gemini told me :” love is overrated”

    I’m sure it’s sagittarius moon thing 😆

    It’s weird that he love me, His love is so weird, I will never understand his heart.

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