Understanding Pluto in Sagittarius using Astrology

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  • dewiklaessen26
    26 years old female
    Posted by FFS
    Posted by Squishy_Marshmallow
    Posted by FFS
    Posted by Squishy_Marshmallow

    What's your Sun and Moon?

    Gem Sun/Scorp moon
    And yours?

    I assume its the Scorp moon and probably other things in your chart.
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    Nope not anymore to forget is impossible forgive also hard with my sagg moon every now and then things come back up randomly so if we were about to have sex i would sometimes imagine him having sex with her and him enjoying it which very painful. Also being a virgo you can visualize things very good which makes it even worse.
    I am not bitter though when i start a new relationship i go in it fresh but if that ever happens again to me i will leave right away.

    My AC /Planets/Astroids and houses

    Sun: Virgo 9th house
    AC: Sagittarius
    Moon : Sagittarius 1st house
    Mars : Libra 9th house
    Mercury : Virgo 9th house
    Jupiter : Virgo 8th house
    Venus : Leo 8th house
    Vesta : Leo 8th house
    Chiron : Leo 8th house
    Uranus : Capricorn 1st house
    Neptune : Capricorn 1st house
    True north node: Capricorn 1st house
    True lilith : Capricorn 1st house
    Juno : Capricorn 1st house
    Pluto : Scorpio 11th house
  • Sun - Leo
    Moon - cancer
    Mercury - Gemini or Virgo
    Venus - Taurus or Libra
    Mars - Aries
    Jupiter -Sagittarius
    Uranus - Aquarius
    Pluto - Scorpio
    Neptune - Pisces
    Saturn - Capricorn
    Ascendant - Libra (home to the ascendants)

    Ok now I know this subject has been done before, I think. But I wanna add something a little extra to this. I was just sitting here wondering how would someone with a perfect chart like that would come off and how everything would manifest in them.

    As far as career wise, friendship, personality, marriage, communications, and even how he or she would look like if that part has any influence of the perfect chart.

    So ummm...........yeah let's talk about it.
  • Emhendo
    Da Killificent Nigga Buu, Bloodchild Jigga Buu. Mackjestic Drips💧
    22 years old from Chicago soufsidee
    Posted by ValleysofNeptune
    I have Pluto in Scorpio in the 4th house too, and on top of that I have Venus in the 8th house so yeah I might somewhat know what you mean, Idk what you experienced but I hope you're good now. On top of possible sexual stuff there's also just a very volatile and chaotic environment at home with Pluto in Scorpio in the 4th house, at least there was in my case. It can take some people a bit to rise out of the ashes from but we find our way

    Anyways, yeah it's pretty ridiculous. It's everywhere. I won't go full conspiracy theory why but just think about all the time people sink into a) trying to find sex b) having sex c) browsing porn d) masturbating e) anything else related to sex and sexual desire. Think about how much other important and productive stuff you could possibly be doing

    I mean yeah, sex feels great. We all need a little R&R and can't be working robots 24/7. And with someone you love and care about and is beautiful it can be an amazing experience. But Idk, there's just so many people just looking to treetrunk someone (which I mean, fine, we've all done it) and that's it. For what purpose lol? You're basically just masturbating with someone else's body lol. Like what is really being accomplished, it's just temporary pleasure really. I just think a lot of people place way too much importance in it, but that's just my opinion

    edit: oh wait this is in the powder room forum my bad. But still lol

    Like I hope people understand I ain't got butter against sex, but it's like goddamn... Why did I not notice how this world is constantly inspiring sexual stimulation?

    We can get into conspiracy, like these cartoons for starters.. I have a video on Instagram I made when I was 19 about this cartoon show called 'Uncle Grandpa'. I was spending the morning with my 2 year-old sister and all I saw was a big ol DICK on the TV. He looks like a penis.

    But yeah, Pluto in the 4th house could bring abuse in the home. My Pluto is in Sagittarius.. But Leo rising/Leo in the 1st house - Scorpio falls in the 4th house.
  • ACsquarepluto
    ☀︎♊️ 🌔♐️ 🌅♌️
    Venus in 7th conjuncting your descendant: This indicates that you are charming and cooperative, and that relationships are important to you, you could be popular and naturally sociable. You innately understand relationships with Venus in conjunction to your South Node, so it will be fulfilling for you to develop the areas of your life in which you are independent (possibly pertaining to higher eduction or travel): this is indicated by your North Node in 1st, which guides you in the direction you should take for a smooth and fulfilling life experience. Your North Node in Sagittarius as well as your Jupiter and Mars in 9th indicate you could make a great student or teacher, formally or independently. Jupiter conjuncting the midheaven indicates that when you decide on a career path and pursue it, success should follow, and Venus trining the midheaven indicates that your charm can be used in your favor on the job.
    With Libra midheaven along with your Mercurial Venus-Mars, you might do well working in a team (or being head of a team) rather than independently. Your field might be conceptual rather than analytical (or liberal arts rather than STEM: although Virgo Mars suggests you could succeed in analytical fields as well) but the choice is up to you. Whatever you choose to study, you should succeed in armed with confidence, initiative, and the willingness to lead.
    Chiron in Leo in 8th square moon/Pluto, semi-square Saturn and opposite Uranus indicates that your home life may have been unstable and painful, with detrimental effect to your self-worth. Chiron quintile Venus indicates that relationships can be a source of healing and you may take interest in counseling those who carry similar pain, or just being present to listen.
    Your challenge in life seems to be to balance the love and friendships which bring you luck (Venus trine Jupiter) and can give you a boost career-wise, and to establish space and pursue independence as well as develop confidence without depending on the encouragement of your loved ones.
    Pluto dominance may be due to the number of aspects it forms (the trine between Pluto and the sun-Mercury lends your ego and mindset extra power, and biquintiles formed between Saturn and your sun-Mercury lend you authority).
    Scorpio dominance may be due to your Sun and Mercury in 8th, I'm not sure how Pullen calculates dominants but it is trusted and commonly used here.

  • Thank you.
    I think you mean these:

    Ascendant in Leo 1° 39' 37"
    Sun in Leo 11° 33' 45" Read
    Moon in Cancer 23° 58' 13"
    Mercury in Cancer 25° 48' 18" Venus in Virgo 26° 07' 11"
    Mars in Capricorn 11° 52' 34" Rx Jupiter in Pisces 22° 02' 43" Rx Saturn in Sagittarius 3° 04' 13" Rx Uranus in Sagittarius 18° 35' 19" Rx Neptune in Capricorn 3° 28' 39" Rx Pluto in Scorpio 4° 39' 01" Chiron in Gemini 19° 35' 47" Black Moon Lilith in Gemini 17° 33' 24" North Node in Aries 23° 47' 32" Rx Part of Fortune in Leo 19° 15' 09" Vertex in Sagittarius 12° 19' 56" Midheaven in Aries 22° 14' 29"