Understanding Venus in Sagittarius using Astrology

Do you have Venus in Sagittarius in your natal chart? Connect with others to gain more insight into this astrological placement.

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  • DMV
    anybody else wanna be a hero? Sag Sun Scorpio Moon Scorpio Merc
    36 years old
    Mars in Virgo
    Venus in Capricorn

    I cant narrow this down to one sign.ive been blessed to have had some great sexual chemistry with men and women. I've had so much great sex and so much more to be had.

    Who was the best Master to Serve?

    Sagittarius Venus. Scorpio Mars

  • peachy06
    ♏️ sun ♐️ moon
    Mars in Sagittarius
    Libra moon, Leo moon
    Gemini, Cancer, Sagittarius venus
    Libra, Aries, Sagittarius and Cancer mars

    Basically all the placements I'm not attracted to. 🙄
  • lisabethur8
    Married, middleaged parttime housewife, Aqua-sun/Cap/Pisces/Taurus,married to,S
    Posted by Jules-ll
    Posted by lisabethur8
    Posted by Jules-ll
    That tonight he wants us to meet at a bar and pretend like we're meeting for the first time. If this was a scenario for you what would you want your woman to wear? Feminine dress, heels, cleavage or more colorful casual outfit, also with cleavage? We're meeting at an outdoorsy place that's on the water...I need opinions from you wonderful Scorpio men por favore.

    ooooo sounds sexay.. i'm reminded of that song...

    "Do you like pina colada.... getting caught in the rain ...."

    (and he finds out...it's HIS lady hahahaha. even though he was thinking to have secret affair with someone else)

    what are his placements?? click to expandclick to expandclick to expand
    Hopefully he doesn't need a different woman already, it's only been 7 months. He's scorp sun/merc/neptune with cap moon, sag venus and cancer mars. His venus makes him a lot more playful than the other scorps I've dated. click to expand
    click to expand

    you need him to be "addicted" to u ;p

    like he can't live w/out u. (and u can't live without him either) lol sounds sooooo obsessive xd

    i am not familiar with sagittarius venus on men.. but yeah i guess they like the playful ladies. smile

    aw @the cancer mars and capricorn moon.

    spice up that life Big Grin
  • dewiklaessen26
    26 years old female
    he has jupiter in sagittarius venus in leo in the 7th house i have jupiter in virgo and venus in leo in the 8th house what does that mean for us both
  • Liriell
    Cap Sun, Scorp Moon, Scorp Ascendant, Sag Venus, Libra Mars
    21 years old female
    Im an INFP
    Capricorn Sun, Scorpio Moon, Scorpio Rising, Capricorn Mercury, Sagittarius Venus, Libra Mars

    I'm Words of affirmation and Physical touch equal.