scorpio and aquarius

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  • ScorpioTruth
    Scorp Sun. Cancer moon. Virgo venus.
    37 years old female
    I know Pisces and Scorpio are typically compatible but I’m curious about the other placements.

    Him: (birth time is unknown)
    Sun Pisces 20°43'
    Moon Leo 8°04'
    Mercury Pisces 0°01' R
    Venus Aquarius 9°59'
    Mars Taurus 13°12'
    Jupiter Aries 2°10'
    Saturn Sagittarius 20°51'
    Uranus Sagittarius 26°33'
    Neptune Capricorn 7°47'
    Pluto Scorpio 9°45' R
    Lilith Cancer 12°08'
    Asc node Aries 11°41'

    Zodiac : Tropical Placidus Orb : 0
    Sun Scorpio 5°08' Ascendant Libra 9°20'
    Moon Cancer 7°24' II Scorpio 6°05'
    Mercury Scorpio 17°53' R III Sagittarius 6°59'
    Venus Virgo 27°34' IV Capricorn 10°50'
    Mars Sagittarius 11°39' V Aquarius 14°16'
    Jupiter Libra 0°12' VI Pisces 14°08'
    Saturn Libra 4°28' VII Aries 9°20'
    Uranus Scorpio 24°36' VIII Taurus 6°05'
    Neptune Sagittarius 20°47' IX Gemini 6°59'
    Pluto Libra 22°15' Midheaven Cancer 10°50'
    Lilith Libra 23°04' XI Leo 14°16'
    Asc node Leo 16°24' XII Virgo 14°08'

  • Hey there is a guy I know who has an identical chart as me in terms of Mercury, Venus and Mars but with a different sun and Moon Sign. We didn’t hit it off well when we first met (irritated each other), then after a while of having to study in the same environment with the same friends we learned to cope with each other, but we never got close. He would act annoyed at me over the slightest things but there would be that rare occasion where we would actually get along well.

    I was always intrigued by how different he was from me but at the same time I felt like I related to him in some ways. We don’t talk anymore and on social media he would crop my face out of pictures of all of us (our class/friends). I always felt he didn’t like how I was always so aloof around him after getting to know him although I never knew why I acted like this - I do think it was because I didn’t want to get close to him in regards to what I was going through at the time. I also think he never got over the fact we didn’t hit it off well when we first met.

    He is a Pisces Sun with a Scorpio Moon
    I am an Aquarius with a Leo Moon

    Pretty much the rest of our signs are identical.

    I have never expererienced a relationship like this or have ever felt this way towards someone.

    What do you think caused this bizarre relationship?? Possibly the fact our differences in our sun and moon were so different and the rest of our signs are so similar?? Help me on this.
  • Posted by Squishy_Marshmallow
    Posted by neves
    Posted by Squishy_Marshmallow
    Posted by neves
    Posted by Squishy_Marshmallow
    Posted by neves
    As others mentioned above - this can be tied to your Scorpio Moon. Tough, i say - it's also tied to your Pluto (or other Scorpio placements). To being Plutonic. Plutonic people are drawn to Plutonic relationships - like moths to a flame. They just can't help it...

    And that's how they learn (the hard/painful way 😔). Or at least - that's how they're suppose to learn/mature... Cause if they don't (the 1st or the 2nd time around) - they'll end-up in a similar situation all over again... 😕


    But I'm a full Gemini!!! There cannot be anything Plutonic about me, I don't want dark energy, plus I'm too happy go lucky to be Plutonic.

    You are Plutonic! Have you dated Plutonic people?!

    And there you go (the source of your problems). There's parts of you (layers/sides) - that you're not whiling to accept. You focus only on certain parts consciously (like the Gemini bits) - and thus unconsciously you're drawn to people that embody those sides of you - which you struggle to accept (or push away altogether).

    I'm not as Plutonic as Neo2 and others from DXP (: since i don't have any planet in Scorpio). Tough, since Pluto touches the Moon, Venus and the ASC (NN too). You could say that. To some extent i am. More than i would like - since all my past romantic involvements - were imbued with the Plutonic essence (plutonic teemed relationships). And i do mean all.🙄 Yes, they were all plutonic. Some friends too.

    I just feel I embody the true Gem traits. And I don't need the Scorp bits because they will pull me down. Gem + Scorp personal combo is tough.

    So you go for Plutonic relationships... I feel for you now

    Forget me. Let's talk about you 😄

    I'm meeting someone today. He's a Scorpio. It's something I don't wanna do but my family wants me to meet him. I avoided but now he's froends with my friends and I'm jealous my friends and he are now getting along without me. So annoying. This is why I don't like Scorp guys. They go after what i got and i hate it about them. Cunning conniving crazies.

    That's because the Sun is our core nature (so called inner child - or the light of our being). And thus, we're more in tune with ourselves (who we are at a core level - as defined by the given traits of our Sun) - when our Sun shines (when we play out those traits in one way or the other - be it positive or negative). It's the same for every sun-sign. Tough, if we focus on those traits alone - we can lose sight of who we are as a whole.

    Thus, we act out those sides of us unconsciously - or we're drawn to others who display those traits. And obviously - if you don't like that part of yourself (if it's something you reject) - you won't like it in others either. Others can still see that side of you, tough... if it's play out unconsciously - the negative side might show-up more. Which, could also be a source of confusion for you - if you consciously ignore that side of you (cause you can't see it clearly).

    I don't if you're a vegetarian or not, but... as yo can see literally everywhere (cause it's that common) - most people look at meat - as if it grows on trees. They can completely ignore the fact - that it comes from another being which used to be alive once - a living being that was brutally and painfully killed (we even use words like sacrifice - cause it sounds better) - for our pleasures (I'm guilty of this as well). This is just one of example - which proves how easy if for us to ignore to ignore the truths that we find unpleasant.

    When I'll make a similar topic - we can talk about me. 😀

    You never know - maybe this meeting will end in marriage. Good luck. 😜

    So I should embrace my scorp bits? I'm a psycho when I like someone 😂😂😂 How did you miss seeing it? Rage rage rage is all I understand. Maybe I should accept it.

    Anytime someone calls Scorps as jealous and possessive me be like bwahahaha!

    Nah. My friend asked me if she can talk to him and I said yes. She knows I'm nkt ready to date or meet anyone rn. So no there won't be anything there. I'm just going there because I feel if I don't go to see him, it will be very disrespectful. And also I'm getting annoyed staying in when my friends are there and having fun😁and im a meat eater 😭😭😭
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    Yeah, but why (what is the source of that rage)?! Rage is a negative reaction - which shows a strong dislike for something (hate). Thus, there's something you really hate... Maybe you hate the lose o freedom (to be yourself - as you want it), the compromises and all the reasonability that comes with that. Even the signs you mentioned as something you'd favor - can reflect that: both Aries and Aquarius are freedom lovers. Even rebels to some extent. The Scorpio bits usually hate B.S. (shallow stuff in particular) - more inclined towards the raw nature of things (how things really are / the naked truth - so to speak).

    I'm not that social this days (i have more fun on my own - than going out with friends / at times going out feels like a burden - even though it's been a month since the last time we went out). So i don't know what to say about that. It's like... i can't relate anymore. Maybe i lost the meaning of friendship - or at least... it sure feels like that since late 2017 (my last memory of what friendship used to feel/be like) - and the beginning of this year - where this change became more apparent. 😐 A bit ironic too, astrologically speaking... cause my Sun, Mars and Mercury is in 11th house. Then again, so is Chiron (the so called - wounded healer). 🙂
  • Primrose
    Sun ♍️ Moon ♈️ Asc ♍️
    Fire: Aries
    Earth: Capricorn
    Air: Aquarius
    Water: Scorpio

    Strongest/Best for me in terms of stamina and resilience.

    Others who are not mentioned are also the best in their own unique strengths.
  • G-Eazy & Halsey - Him & I

    "We turn up, mobbin' 'til the end of time
    Only one who gets me, I'm a crazy treetrunkin' Gemini"

    Diana Ross - No Matter what Sign you Are

    "Capricorn, Scorpio, Taurus
    Gemini, Virgo, Cancer
    Pieces, Leo, Libra
    Aries, Aquarius, Sagittarius
    The moon shines bright above
    And the charts declare it's not my night for love
    Ah the beat of my heart
    I feel a good vibration
    Saying you and me baby
    Would make a good combination
    There's no need for looking to the stars
    Can't you see the stars shine in my eyes
    I love you boy,
    I really love you boy
    No matter what sign you are
    You're gonna be mine you are
    Can't let astrology chart our destiny
    No matter what sign you are

    Tori Amos - Goodbye Pisces

    "There you There you go again
    Breaking Breaking porcelain
    Is that all I am just a Doll you got used to
    We've done We've done this before
    As Mars sauntered through his door
    Don't say it's time to say
    Goodbye to Pisces
    Goodbye to Pisces"

    Adam Ant - Scorpio Rising

    "The Greek, the Gypsy, the Italian
    And the Pole, took a look around
    Chewed up the gauntlet,
    Spat it out
    Raised them to the ground
    Scorpio rising
    Scorpio rising
    Scorpio rising
    Scorpio rising"

    Adam Ant - Scorpios

    "There's a gang in every town
    I say that the rules be turned around
    listen here from one who knows
    be fearless just like the Scorpios

    pretty, look young be fearless
    like the Scorpion
    pretty, look young be fearless
    like the Scorpion
    the Scorpion
    the Scorpion"

    Macklemore (a Gemini) - released an album called Gemini.

    Tyla Yaweh - Gemini

    "Switching up the row
    Such a Gemini
    Cant make up her mind
    like a gemini
    She stay on the road
    Take off in the night
    Always a surprise
    Such a gemini
    Never tell her no
    when she catch a vibe
    She go side to side
    Like a gemini
    Show up to my show
    She dont stand in line
    Always staying high
    That’s my Gemini (Gemini)"

    ... 😏

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