scorpio and capricorn

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  • Jade_Alexander
    Libra ☀️ Gemini 🌙
    Just for kicks, what type of match would you suggest for someone with my placements and why?

    Libra Sun
    Gemini Moon
    Scorpio Venus
    Capricorn Mars

  • Awww, yay!!

    I'm happy you left that mess behind. As a fellow Gemini who had a short relationship with a Scorpio as well, trust me, run and don't look back. It's a mess with this pairing and honestly, not worth it in the long run.

    My Scorpio popped back up as well, and he too faced disappointment after I told him I had actually moved on with a Capricorn guy. He didn't say much, but I know him to know that he was in his head. He always went quite with me when he was thinking when we dated. I wished him well with what he had going on and left it at that. Like you said, when we have moved on and are done, we are done. My Capricorn has my mind going a hundred miles per hour in a way I like. I don't have time for the

    Now... you have to tell me about this Aries smile Ugh, Aries men are a weakness for me, right after Taurus men. Give the detailsLaughing
  • AneemA04
    One scorpio best friend lasts for me.
    One taurus (RIP) was one too and I still want her to be here in this world.
    One virgo, well... She needs me to defend and shield her sometimes..

    Let's see this capricorn dude now.. If I cannot see him as one of my best buddy then this dating will cease away over time.

    I must get turn a lover to be my best friend or if not, the other way round, best friend to lover.
    We have the same vision on that so that's a plus.
  • SweetestFatale
    female from USA
    I have dated:
    Capricorn- 3 of them. 2 were more serious relationships, they all drove me crazy. They were unambitious markers. Very smart and outgoing, but no long term potential

    Leo - 1. Apparently I was too mean for him. He was too firey for me. He expected a whole lot more than he was willing to give.

    Scorpio- Great long term potential if he wasn't a habitual cheater. He eventually got a taste of his own medicine and wanted to reconcile, but by that time I just wasn't into him anymore.

    Virgo- Beautiful Man, very ambitious and hard working...but he was scared to commit always looking for the next best thing or looking back at what he thought he missed.

    Pisces- 2. The most long term potential, also the most sensitive, prone to insecurity. I was engaged to one, we were best friends'; he cheated but years later wanted to try again. Denied. I am with one now we are once again best friends. He's amazing, I don't see him cheating, he's too smug to put himself in that position. We'll see how it goes.

    Important to note my Venus is in Aries, My Mars in Scorpio, my Moon is in Capricorn,
  • ScorpioTruth
    Scorp Sun. Cancer moon. Virgo venus.
    37 years old female
    I know Pisces and Scorpio are typically compatible but I’m curious about the other placements.

    Him: (birth time is unknown)
    Sun Pisces 20°43'
    Moon Leo 8°04'
    Mercury Pisces 0°01' R
    Venus Aquarius 9°59'
    Mars Taurus 13°12'
    Jupiter Aries 2°10'
    Saturn Sagittarius 20°51'
    Uranus Sagittarius 26°33'
    Neptune Capricorn 7°47'
    Pluto Scorpio 9°45' R
    Lilith Cancer 12°08'
    Asc node Aries 11°41'

    Zodiac : Tropical Placidus Orb : 0
    Sun Scorpio 5°08' Ascendant Libra 9°20'
    Moon Cancer 7°24' II Scorpio 6°05'
    Mercury Scorpio 17°53' R III Sagittarius 6°59'
    Venus Virgo 27°34' IV Capricorn 10°50'
    Mars Sagittarius 11°39' V Aquarius 14°16'
    Jupiter Libra 0°12' VI Pisces 14°08'
    Saturn Libra 4°28' VII Aries 9°20'
    Uranus Scorpio 24°36' VIII Taurus 6°05'
    Neptune Sagittarius 20°47' IX Gemini 6°59'
    Pluto Libra 22°15' Midheaven Cancer 10°50'
    Lilith Libra 23°04' XI Leo 14°16'
    Asc node Leo 16°24' XII Virgo 14°08'

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