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  • nikkistar
    My moral compass acts like its in the Bermuda Triangle
    Posted by TheRabbit
    Posted by nikkistar
    Posted by TheRabbit
    Posted by nikkistar
    Posted by TheRabbit
    Posted by nikkistar
    I'd trade you moons, but then I am scared I will end up being something akin to @therabbit

    You would be so lucky...

    I'm lowkey jealous of you and all the fishing you get to do.

    Hardly any lately...going through butter, packing, meeting with realtors, etc.

    When's the official move?


    How's that's for some rebirth kinda butter.
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    Dude, even in real life, you live up to the Scorpio stereotype. GG
  • TheRabbit
    Asshat Sun, Asshat Moon, Cardboard Rising
    I don't necessarily link not letting go with Scorpio Moon.

    For me, I can let go of things fairly easy. Will I forget about It? No, but I won't dwell on things too much.

    If I DO end up dwelling on things, I attribute that to my anxiety issues, not my moon. I've seen other moons hold onto things FAR more than Scorp moons.
  • WalkThroughTheBadlands
    Formerly ScorpionKnight
    39 years old male
    Posted by CuddleBug88
    Posted by WalkThroughTheBadlands
    No, it's not you. It's the detatchment creating society we live in. People now are a lot less approachable then in years passed and have little patience and tolerance for others. Whether that be family and friends or complete strangers. You seem sweet and are one of the more likeable people on need to change smile sure? This has happened all of my life despite being pretty senstitive - I deflect and try n hide emotions, who knows how well that goes tho haha.

    I don't like my ppl feeling 'negative' emotions and I pick up on them and try to turn their frown upside down lol.

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    Well you are not wrong to want to cheer up others, especially if you know what they are feeling. Sometimes you have to be resolved to the fact that there is nothing you can do or that they want you to do.

    Deflecting and hiding emotions with no outward sound like a Scorpio
  • C69
    NN in Scorpio in 1st house
    no idea what I’m supposed to do with it

    I don’t fully get its manifestation. like, I’m supposed to stay forever single, because everyone I’ll ever try to tie down will turn out to be my ancient ex? also, learning the Scorpio stare is a must in this lifetime
  • Does ascendants got anything to do with addictions? Cus if it does I would be addicted to sex if my rising was in Scorpio or even in a fire sign for that matter. Speaking of sex addicts while we're on the subject. Not bragging but I just don't understand why some Scorpio risings aren't into sex. I would want to peruse and take care of all my addictions including sex. Like I don't see how it doesn't bother some scorp risings to not perform any sexual content. Me being Plutonian it would drive me nuts. Only addition I got that I can think of from the top of my head is chewing tobacco and dipping. That's why the back of my teeths all treetrunk up nowSad

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