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    Sounds like me sometime lol
    what is your moon mars and ascendant ?
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    Scorpio ascendant
  • AerialView
    I collect experienceđź’¨
    male from Arlong Park
    Posted by Jade_Alexander

    Lust is in LEO!

    It’s written out in astrodent as 26 Leo 34’ 7”

    I don’t know how that plays into house

    You're scorpio ascendant. That makes your Leo Lust is up there somewhere in your chart.

    Sex toys are a must. You know for "dry" season like this.
  • MsScorp07
    A little sassy, a little classy and a whole lotta smart-a $ $ y
    The ex I posted about and the one immediately before him had the same name and same spelling: Brian. I differentiated by referring to the first by a the name of city he's from + Brian and the most recent, just by his initials. But the first one and I only dated for like, 4 months.

    Sun: scorpio; ascendant: leo; moon: gemini; and venus: libra
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    Posted by GemLover
    Posted by Emhendo

    I'm bashing.

    They are some treetrunkin markers and overly arrogant, but ain't got butter to be arrogant about. Most of they ass are ugly as treetrunk, look like they got all the bad genes... treetrunk a Libra.

    I'll hurt a treetrunkin Libra if they try me, because I know they are secretly some cookiemonsteres and hoes.

    If you ain't wearing anything appealing, or they feel like you aren't on their level in any way, they treat you like butter. How is that fair?

    treetrunk Libras.. And I say treetrunk them because they are always the FIRST to attack somebody.

    In all honesty I wish you would say the same about these Scorpios here. click to expand

    I ain't got butter against Scorpios, but I noticed it's these cookiemonster ass Libras WITH Scorpio placements.

    In real life I have absolutely no problems with Scorpios. But (and I'm saying but very loosely and strongly) I just don't trust befriending them easily no matter how nice they may appear. And yes some libras does come off as arrogant even as my ascendant falls in that sign, I come off as arrogant too but I have to pause and catch myself a lot of times.

    Addressing the ugly part, YES a lot of them are ugly for real man. Unless your ascendant falls under that sign that's totally different.

    A lot of signs aren't what astrologers say their personality and looks are suppose to be like. So in this case I think we're getting fooled. click to expand

    I don't trust a Scorpio at all anymore. treetrunk that. They ALL have this hidden agenda. . As a fixed sign, and them being the opposite of Taurus - They essentially materialize relationships and people, as Taurus materializes objects, that's where the whole "possession" thing comes from.

    It hurts me to say this, because as a Cancer, I have a lot in common with Scorpios. I have had some short comings with them, as they just came and went out my life... But the ones I basically HAD to deal with, whether it was work, school or neighbors, friends. . They eventually showed their motives.

    They will blackmail you quick, if they hold something beneficial to themselves at a higher degree than you. They also will switch up on you in front of friends they have known for years, if they only have known you for a short second - or they see other people treating you bad, they join it.

    I don't trust Scorpio Mars, Scorpio Sun, and I'm irritated by Scorpio Moon. Scorpios Mars for a good reason, as I see how they operate; for one has attempted to murder me and another one fought me.. Both times for no reason. Just my Leo Rising makes that energy strange against me.. I honestly think they just wish they had my mojo, and my swaggering/sexual appearance.. And I'm not just saying that. It's not my fault they are stiff and a bit frigid in their sexuality.

    Quick point: Don't trust your girlfriend with Scorpio guy friends. They get weird with them, and they do things to mirror the boyfriend.

    You gotta squish them like the bugs they are. The intimidation is a front, and if you stand up to them, they'll be your best friend.. But who the treetrunk wants to be cool with someone after all that hazing they did to you. I've just seen it, experienced it; and as a air dominant, water sign, I see them for who they are and I'm detached to it. I just don't trust them. Cancer-Scorpio love-hate each other, but we keep respect and distance.. It's fair. I'm fair about them.

    Regarding the bold sentence you are dead on point. All the Scorpios right here posting among us is exactly like that. Every bit of them. To say Scorpios is suppose to be the strongest sign, (ha, yeah right) they need reinforcements to back them up. Oh god I senserily hope those Scorpio girls I hang with on a regular don't ever switch up on me like that. Sorry you had to endure almost getting killed by one. They really is not to be trusted to a certain extent. If the Scorpio men right here on this site are backstabbers, just imagine how they are in real life. Smh it's sad. click to expand

    You have to let they ass realize you'll never trust them.

    Do things that says "I don't trust you." .. Like tell them look away while you enter your pin and the ATM.. Make them walk inside with you, if you stop somewhere while driving.

    They break trust and they violate boundaries.

    They are the type of people to move away to a nice place or win the lottery, and when you wish them luck and tell them you are happy for them, they will act like they don't know you.. And y'all two could have best friends, ride or dies.

    This Scorpio chick moved away and I've always been nice and kind to her, I asked could I get a drink with her one last time, and she told me no.. "treetrunk you" and laughed in my face.

    I was like damn... That was rotten.

    I just replied, "well, I wish you luck". Never heard from her again.

    Most powerful, my ass.. Don't let a Scorpio get into astrology, or someone with Scorpio placement find out that they have them... THE GOD-COMPLEX WITH THESE PEOPLE... butter. It's obvious they get big headed about it, because they are insecure.. And these astrologers blew their head up..
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    its only aries men that I have to make walk inside with me everywhere I drive with them. I done got butter stolen from me behind my back leaving an aries man behind. big mistake. never have I experience that with scorpios. I kinda tend to think this one particular aries dude have a scorpio ascendant tho. hes everything you just provided me with on this quote. or very strong pluto and or scorpio. and that's pretty treetrunked up about what that scorpio chick did to you.
  • Posted by Emhendo
    I wanna answer your question again...

    So if you know what the ascendant is, then you know what the 1st house is. It's the house of ego, the face, and you upfront as a person.

    So because it's combined with the moon, and your ego and your emotions are aligned; you will show everything you feeling.. It's as plain as that, and it doesn't really mean you wear your heart on your sleeve, but you cannot hide your emotions for butter.

    I'm not sure. I also have 1st House Pluto with Scorpio Ascendant. So lots of water. With 1st House Moon you're supposed to show what you're feeling, but I never do. So maybe with Scorpio there it blocks it. I am always emotionally drowning but I never, ever show it.