Understanding Mercury in Scorpio using Astrology

Do you have Mercury in Scorpio in your natal chart? Read more about how this affects your personality, relationship compatibility are more.


People who are born with Scorpio in Mercury cannot be fooled or deceived. But, they can be perceived as being overly critical and too suspicious. Controlling your temper is perhaps a lifelong struggle. Your skill of investigation is one of your key strengths.

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    Libra Sun/Virgo Moon/Sag Rising and my Life Path is 6 :D
    female from Atlanta
    I have Mercury in Scorpio! Ugh, I like it because I will dig DEEP into something. I love dark, psychological thrillers, cerebral movies.
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    Sagittarius Sun// Pisces Moon// Leo Rising// Scorpio Mercury// Capricorn Venus/
    I am observant and I know all your secrets. I bet you're picking your nose as I type.
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    Online guru. GIF peasant. Low IQ fuckboy
    Detective's mind and Anti Small Talk placement (at least for me)

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