Understanding Mercury in Scorpio using Astrology

Do you have Mercury in Scorpio in your natal chart? Read more about how this affects your personality, relationship compatibility are more.


People who are born with Scorpio in Mercury cannot be fooled or deceived. But, they can be perceived as being overly critical and too suspicious. Controlling your temper is perhaps a lifelong struggle. Your skill of investigation is one of your key strengths.

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  • 3 puffs.. that was it.. even the crazy ass users on the FP was starting to make sense.

    Not sure if better or not.

    Sun 13°56' Gemini
    Moon 24°38' Scorpio
    Mercury 9°17' Я Gemini
    Venus 5°50' Taurus
    Mars 3°43' Libra
    Jupiter 1°13' Я Scorpio
    Saturn 15°39' Я Libra
    Uranus 2°08' Я Sagittarius
    Neptune 26°00' Я Sagittarius
    Pluto 24°21' Я Libra
    Chiron 24°12' Taurus
    Ceres 14°32' Я Scorpio
    Pallas 3°02' Libra
    Juno 6°32' Я Capricorn
    Vesta 22°49' Aquarius
    Node 13°34' Я Cancer
    Lilith 21°30' Sagittarius
    Fortune 18°13' Aquarius
    AS 7°32' Virgo
    MC 4°14' Gemini
  • Posted by Emhendo
    They are the loudest and stupidest if it's not Sun-Mercury conjunction in Aries.. But even then, would I want them to shut the treetrunk up.

    Boisterous, hard-headed, ignorant, challenging potty-mouths.

    Always cussing and fussing.. Do not get Mercury in Aries drunk or upset.. You will want punch them in the treetrunkin face.

    Other than that, they keep it real about what and how they think. Honest people.

    But I prefer open minds and quieter company in my presence.

    They are the loudest people in the room, I don't believe they actually think because they're always talking.

    Loud, yes, I can see that. Also, not that much into listening to others. Plus fast talking

    What do you think of Scorpio Mercury? Better placement?
  • lisabethur8
    Married, middleaged parttime housewife, Aqua-sun/Cap/Pisces/Taurus,married to,S
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    what i do notice about Scorpio venus is they LOVE pain....and to suffer in a way...

    so if you are having too much calmness... *sigh* (they find it wayyyyyy toooo boring)

    that is why it is detriment.

    This would contradict the fact that they tend to go for a calm Venus placement like those in Cap.

    they love anything capricorn /virgo that's for sure. ;p
    or taurus.

    i'm dominant capricorn/taurus

    and my husband has said that i have masochistic tendancies. lol

    i am ..hellooooo excuse me?? do i need a mirror? xd

    Nope. Usually the men taht I loved had Aries and Pisces venus. No Cap.

    Were their Venus retrograde?

    I don't know, but mine is. 😭

    Damn, I'm sorry to hear that.
    How do you deal with that?

    I don't. My retrograde and detriment cursed me so I don't do relationships, it's just not for me.

    i haven't researched any FEMALE retro ViS... but there's a few MALE Vis retrogrades.

    like Ethan Hawke...

    User Submitted Image

    he stayed married to the 2nd wife after he left the 1st.?
    so i dont know what's up with that.

    Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) also has a retrograde Venus and you can watch the movie The Wall to see how well that went for him.
    click to expand

    lol jesus he's also Scorpio moon and scorpio mercury ;p

    User Submitted Image

    ok i just read a bit on his first wife,

    he did alot of INFIDELITIES....lol

    his first wife, was a libra sun.


    (i did her chart ...cause i got curious. Libra sun/pisces moon, Virgo venus virgo mercury, Gemini mars)

    and he's virgo sun/scorpio moon gemini mars scorpio venus retrograde.

  • BabehEms
    SagSunMars CanMoon LeoAsc ScorpVenMercPlu
    24 years old female from Omaha, Nebraska, USA
    Well, I'm a Scorpio Venus that conjucts Scorpio Mercury and Scorpio Pluto. On top of that, my Venus squares my Saturn... So, I'm stuck loving people more than they love me. I never think of people being interested in me and I often get into relationships that feel one-sided. I feel like I can only get a relationship if I were the only one giving love and someone can put up with me. I want to receive and be loved the hell out of like anyone else, but I even struggle to get treated like I exist. I come on too intense and each relationship with a person means a lot to me. The biggest struggle is that relationships in my life don't happen unless I happen and it’s hard to maintain long relationships when I want to be with myself. I can initially be great with people I put myself into, but that’s it for the ride.
  • Been following these boards for a while.

    Yall wild in here. 😂🤣

    I want to get some opinions on this pairing. I like this sag girl and I knew she was a sag immediately. Thick!

    My stuff
    Sun Gemini
    Moon Virgo
    Mercury Gemini
    Mars virgo
    Venus Taurus

    Her stuff
    Sun Sag
    Moon Scorpio
    Mercury Scorpio
    Mars Virgo
    Venus Capricorn