Understanding Saturn in Scorpio using Astrology

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  • CopperDove
    Venusian Scorp
    Scorpio Venus Rx in 6th and it's opposite Saturn Rx in 12th.

    I'm not sure if it affects me more than what is said about the opposition with Saturn. No way for me to know what does what.

  • Ellygant
    Ascendant in Clumsy, Sun/Mercury/Venus in Scary, Moon in Comfort, Mars in Giddy
    Posted by tiziani
    Posted by seraph
    Posted by tiziani
    Posted by seraph
    Some people pursue certain concepts and ideas to the point of neurosis and worse, and to try to convince them that they’re engaging in falsity and nonsense will only destabilize their world (and yours, from all the effort.)

    Like every argument on natal chart astrology! (drumroll)

    Well sun sign cusps are still heresy so...


    Big Grin
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    I’ve never watched two grown men flirt platonically so well as just now.Laughing leave it rob Leo and a libra to pull it off with panache.

    This thread is about a month old.

    I decided to remain distant friends. Still talk but I’ve severely limited my connection to a much more surface one. I mean if I won’t date anyone that disbelieves tarot and astrology than I can’t be supported by someone that likens my work to being a drug dealer and tell me they’re actively praying for my failure lol.

    2018 has brought up the icy scorpio superpowers I never thought I had. so now is not a good time for people testing out being unsupportive with me. I have a sharpened pair of scissors and one eyebrow raised waiting to cut chords this year lol. I’m not treetrunking around when it comes to my Saturn return.

    @tiziani, those are some neat ideas really. I never thought of that. I’ve literally got a notebook with pages of ideas. Just moved so I’m settling in then going full force here in August. Tarot is actually more popular with the younger crowd at the moment. YouTube makes it on the rise. When I go for coffee or eat alone and take out cards I get mad interest from people. Counter culture from the late 60’s and 70’s is having a mini renaissance.
  • MiZLeo
    ♌☀️/❤/Merc/Jup♓🌜♋Mars♐Rising ♍Sat
    MC in Virgo
    Conj Saturn in Virgo(9th house)
    Opposite Moon in Pisces(3rd house)
    Square Neptune in Sag (1st house)
    Uranus (Scorpio 12th house) Sextile MC 
    It also shares my 9th house with Sun, Jupiter, and Venus in Leo.

  • Fugit

    Here's the jist.

    Wed 11 July, 03:42 AM UT
    Sun 18°49' Cancer
    Moon 21°07' Gemini
    Mercury 15°12' Leo
    Venus 1°10' Virgo
    Mars 7°57' Я Aquarius
    Jupiter 13°21' Scorpio
    Saturn 4°52' Я Capricorn
    Uranus 2°15' Taurus
    Neptune 16°22' Я Pisces
    Pluto 20°03' Я Capricorn
    Chiron 2°24' Я Aries
    True Node 5°56' Я Leo
    True Lilith 28°30' Я Capricorn

    Yeah, screw you fisk. Enjoy being me while I cry in the corner.
  • Sun - Leo
    Moon - cancer
    Mercury - Gemini or Virgo
    Venus - Taurus or Libra
    Mars - Aries
    Jupiter -Sagittarius
    Uranus - Aquarius
    Pluto - Scorpio
    Neptune - Pisces
    Saturn - Capricorn
    Ascendant - Libra (home to the ascendants)

    Ok now I know this subject has been done before, I think. But I wanna add something a little extra to this. I was just sitting here wondering how would someone with a perfect chart like that would come off and how everything would manifest in them.

    As far as career wise, friendship, personality, marriage, communications, and even how he or she would look like if that part has any influence of the perfect chart.

    So ummm...........yeah let's talk about it.